Be aware of glued-on beading

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal Shop located in Paramus  NJ Bergen County.

Some of you might like lots of stones and studs of the bridal dress. If you are considering a  moderately priced bridal gown, be sure that the beads on the dress are sewn rather than glued on. Dresses with glued-on beads and sequences tend to fall off, as well as cannot be pressed, dry cleaned or steamed.

The quality, cut, make and size of the stones make a big difference in price and look. For example, the Lead Crystal is, by far, the most brilliant of rhinestones, for leaded glass transmits light better than glass without lead.

Rhinestones can be Machine Cut or Molded. Machine Cut Rhinestones are far more brilliant than molded rhinestones, but are far more expensive than molded glass rhinestones.

Rhinestones have their own size names and it could be very confusing to understand. Flat Back Rhinestones are sold by sizes preceded or succeeded by an SS number. (SS = Stone Size)   There is NO relationship to millimeter in this number, in that 6SS or SS6 rhinestones are NOT 6mm in diameter!  In general, the higher the SS number, the bigger the rhinestone’s diameter, and the  more flash it will have .

Quality of rhinestones is determined by how and where they are made.

  • Swarovski offers 14 facets and 100 colors/treatments at this time. These stones are still best on the market.

  • Czech Preciosa was producing rhinestones of very high quality way before  Swarovski was born.  Their colors are great, their coating are every bit as good as Swarovski. The kicker here is the price!  Preciosa runs about 20% less expensive than Swarovski.

    China is now duplicating both Preciosa and Swarovski’s cuts!  Those stones made of cheap glass, not lead crystal. Those who buy them get a very low price, but quality if is not there.