Custom Gowns

Every woman lives to experience that special bridal moment when she becomes the center of attention and her romantic fantasies come true. Her bridal gown is a symbol of her unique self; it is symbol of self-expression that makes a powerful statement in the physical world about her inner nature, confidence, her sense of self, and how she views the world. In other words, it is a tribute to a brides’ lifestyle!

In order to understand my customer’s desire I need to connect with her on a very deep level. My goal is not to change her image, but highlight her inner beauty through carefully chosen fabric, color, style and embellishments. I refer to myself as a personal stylist who makes a final picture look perfect. I strive to help my customer achieve the desired final look!

Svetlana Zakharina

Owner and Designer at Aleana’s Bridal

What Are Custom Dresses?

Simply put, custom dresses are one of a kind. Our designers will take your ideas as the inspiration to create a perfect dress that complements your body and style. Custom dresses have no limitations to fabric, color, and embellishment choices. We design the dress to highlight the beauty of your body, instead of fitting your body into an off-the-rack dress.

Why Should I Get a Custom Dress?

In the world of couture no two dresses are ever the same. Whether you have a design in mind or are looking for styling advice we will work together to create your unique made to measure gown. Following a full consultation, your dress will be designed to reflect your venue, type of ceremony as well as your personal wishes. A pattern will be drafted and a mockup made and fitted. When you are completely happy with the design and fit, your dress will be made in exquisite fabric using the finest couture techniques.

How Much Do Custom Dresses Cost?

Custom dresses are truly unique, and our high-end professionals use their expertise to ensure that the dress is perfect. Given that, custom dresses tend to be at a higher price point than mass-market products. Prices start at $3500 for custom dresses but depend on factors like style, fabric choice, and dress embellishments.

The Custom Made Dress Process

  • Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

    Our talented designers will walk you through the custom dress making process as we listen to your ideas about creating your perfect dress.

  • Sketching Your Ideas

    The designer will analyze your body type and dress ideas, and sketch several options. They will then work with you to refine the sketches and better match your ideal dress. At this stage, your fabrics, colors, and embellishments will be chosen as well.

  • Creating Your Pattern and Mockup

    At this point, we will create a copy of your desirable dress using Muslin, which is a cotton fabric that helps us construct your actual dress to fit your body perfectly.

  • Real Dress Creation and Fitting

    Using your fabric choices, our experienced seamstress will prepare your actual dress for the first fitting. During the fitting, we will refine the details of the dress to enhance your body’s shape.

  • Refinement and Completion

    After a few fittings and refinements, we will complete your dress. At this stage, we also finalize the intricate details of your gown in order to make it truly unique and unforgettable.

What Are Other People Saying About Custom Dresses?

Are you interested in learning more about custom gowns? Book an appointment today and we’d be happy to walk you through any questions you may have.