Wedding Last Minute To-Do Tips (Part 3)

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ONE DAY BEFORE: ONE DAY…Just ONE.  This is most crucial part of the to-do list/tips for last minute because the day before, consists of all those last minute to-do’s that you can only do on…you guessed it…the day before!  Two days before just wouldn’t fit because it’s the DAY before that makes sense to do all of the following:

*Go to mani and pedi appointment with your bridal girls and RELAX.  Also, book a massage  if you would like.  Take a bath before you go get nails done…or after (but just watch your nails, you don’t want the color coming off while soaking in the tub!).  This nail appointment and/or massage treatment will give you the last chance to relax with your girls before the chaos of the next day.

*Make sure the men go pick up their tuxes.  Have them try it on while in the shop to ensure they don’t need last minute alternations.

*Put wedding rings and marriage license in a safe place.

*Set aside cash for tips/payments in marked envelopes for limo driver, and others who deserve a tip, and give them to a relative or trusted friend in the bridal party to hand out when the time calls for it.

*Give out bridal party gifts at the rehearsal dinner.  Make sure people are being monitored so that the bridal party, and the bride and groom mostly!, do not drink too much- – NO HANGOVERS ON WEDDING DAY!

*Go for a mini-walk after the rehearsal to walk off the dinner.  This will help clear your mind before bedtime.

*Do a meditation before bed.  I call it, BRIDAL BEAUTY BREATHING:  Do alternate nostril breathing where you close one nostril with your thumb, breathe through the other, then close off that nostril with your pointer finger, and exhale out the other.  Repeat.  Do this for a few minutes.  It helps to bring equilibrium for a deeper meditation.  As you sit and close your eyes to meditate, create visualizations…sort of like “dream building” for the next day: Create mental images of love and beauty, how you want to look in your wedding dress, how you wish the ceremony and reception to be.  Play out everything in your head that you wish to happen.  Creating mental images of the energy, mood, color, and feel for the general picture of the wedding day will attract that all to you tomorrow!  You can even throw in some gentle yoga postures and stretching before the meditation.  All of this will help you SLEEP peacefully and awaken with a fresh face.

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