Journey of wedding day preparation (Part 3)

by Jaclyn Ianetti

Read Part 1 and Part 2 first



*Take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing each night so that your smile will look its’ best the day of.

*If you’re going to be strict with anything, be strict with your skin!  Take care of it, go for facials, and use products that don’t irritate it.  Control your stress (by exercising, eating right and relaxing!) to minimize breakouts.

*Try different makeup lines to see what works best on your skin.  Purchase your own cosmetics if you’re having your makeup done professionally and so that you will have them on hand for any touch-ups on wedding day.  Choose waterproof mascara if possible!

*Go for trims to keep your hair healthy and be sure the hairstyle you choose for your wedding (whether you wear it up or down) doesn’t hide your face.  You will be taking lots of photos, kissing, and eating and you don’t want hair in the way!

*Go for trial run appointments with your hair stylist and makeup artist, so that your not freaked out on your special day if something doesn’t look the way its’ supposed to!

*Go for final bridal fittings to make sure fittings/measurements are ok.  On the day of, dress carefully and patiently to avoid a rip in your dress.

*SPEAK UP! If something isn’t the way you want (from your hair, makeup, spa treatments, bridal dress fittings, flowers, etc.)  YOU ARE THE BRIDE.  This day IS about YOU.  Speak your visions!

*SLEEP and RELAX:  Getting your sleep and enough time each day for your self to devote to relaxation is the key to looking and feeling good.

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This whole wedding idea…the one magical day…the fairytale…creates so much pressure that you’re bound to lose your temper at a few points along the way!  Stop beating yourselves up about your weight or your looks along the journey:  Step back, re-evaluate the situation, and start celebrating who you are in the present moment and for all of the things you have already accomplished!   You will look beautiful on your wedding day, no matter how much you weigh or how good your hair or skin looks.  Just be yourself.  When you are your true self, confidence illuminates and beauty shines from the internal part of who you are to the external.

Enjoy your journey and enjoy the destination.  If you’re not where you want to be at?  No big deal!  For instance, being heavier than you’d like to be on your wedding day will not, in the least, distract from the impact of the huge commitment you’re about to make to your partner or the love and joy you’ll share with your family and friends.

Let your new regimen be to just relax and go along with the journey, without forcing or resisting anything.  Relax as you are whisked off to the bliss of your wedding!  Enjoy being a model for the photographer.  You want to enjoy this moment of being photographed, not feel like a stiff model fearing that your hair and makeup isn’t in place!

Let these suggestions pop the question in your head of “what is the most important thing about your wedding day?” To marry your love in a beautiful dress and to be surrounded by the ones you love most is the true gift of a wedding.  Celebrate love and all gifts life has to offer on your special day.

A PROPOSAL TO YOU:  Drop the pressure and enjoy yourself!

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