Wedding Last Minute To-Do Tips (Part 2)

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ONE WEEK BEFORE: First, you’ll want to have your RSVP list and call anyone who has not responded to confirm if they will be attending or not so that you can finalize the design for table arrangements and give a final count of your total guests to the caterer.

*DJ DUTIES!: Show your DJ (or band) the directions to your dance floor dreams…the end product of your music set-list that you want played at the reception.  Be specific as to what music you wish to include and what songs you most certainly will not stand to hear!

*Put together a wedding day schedule for the bridal party and all of your VIP’s.  This will ensure that all A-list attendants will be on the same page.

*Confirm rehearsal plans

*Organize a spot specific to all of your wedding day attire…a spot that is clean and free of any mishaps happening around it! (Water spills, animal accidents, etc.)  Make sure you have everything you need for the day of: products, makeup for touch ups, stain remover (something like the TIDE stick), sewing kit (threads, needles, buttons…for any wardrobe malfunctions…you never know), Kleenex tissues, q-tips, Tylenol/vitamins/medications, and a clutch or bag to hold all of this stuff together.  You’ll want to include anything else that will help solve a crisis if one does happen to occur.

*Do laundry, set clothes aside, and pack the majority of what you will need for your honeymoon.  Keep passports and all other documents secured nearby.

*Make appointment for manicures, pedicures, massage, waxing, etc. with your bridal party.

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