Married Hearts… First Valentine’s Day (Part 1)

Reservations for TWO…of hearts.

By Jaclyn Ianetti


A Little “Love” Lesson from your Valentine Teacher  : 

February 14…The modern day celebration of Love began in Europe when the first Valentine was sent in 1415 on February 14 when a French Duke was in jail and sent a Valentine to his wife.  (Let’s hope your first year of marriage doesn’t put your husband in jail, or else you’ll be receiving love-grams by mail too!)


So what about Cupid?  How did he get involved?  In Greek mythology, he is the Roman god of beauty and love…and is the son of Venus (and for those of you who are up on their astrology, Venus is the love planet of our zodiac).

 So there’s your very brief background of Valentine’s Day.


Are you ready to point your bow and arrow and shoot your husband yet?  (Just kidding).  But in a more figurative and subtle sense, you can “shoot” your loving energy towards him so that he feels like he has been struck by your arrow to inspire your magical feelings of love.


Aimed Arrow…for the Newlywed V-Day

Be on tour with the love in the air and make a high-speed love connection through celebrating this day on however the two of you wish.

You may not even expect to do much together or even receive any gifts, because you may have just had the wedding recently, or you’re moving in and getting settled.  But don’t let that stop you…it’s your first V-day being married…and I can’t imagine the two of you being anything but in a warm and romantic mood this day!


Ring in the day with…a Ring

Surprise your sweetheart and propose to him this time with a ring.  Yea, I said it…a RING.

 Pop the Proposal

Your turn to make a very own proposal of your own.  Get creative and give your husband some candied ring pops or even a glowing light up ring.  This light-hearted way will spark up the playful kid in both of you as you offer a promise for life-long love…and not just for this special occasion, but for everyday for the rest of your lives.  He can keep it as a keepsake forever…a timeless token from your heart.

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