Married Hearts… First Valentine’s Day (Part 4)

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Besides the usual….Red roses, lush bouquets of flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, candies, candles, gourmet gifts, champagne, jewelry, lingerie (for you), silky boxers (for him)…Here are some romantic gestures for you to give to your guy-for-life:


*Send him a wild flowered bouquet with a personalized note attached.

*Make him breakfast in bed along with some red roses.

*Prepare his favorite dessert and surprise him.

*Make a calendar with pictures of the two of you together.

*Stick some love-notes all over the house at different places for him.

*Purchase front row tickets to watch his favorite sport live.

*Lay down on his chest and hug him like you would never give him away for anything in the entire world.

 ( Idea found on pin interest )


Take 12 large envelopes … on each one, write the month, so start with February, next March, and so on until you reach next January (2014).
In each envelope you will put a date night in it…whether it’s a nice candle-lit dinner at home, or movies…or something you know he’s always wanted to do or go to…if you decide movies, go get a gift card and stick it into the envelope.  Each date you decide on, write a letter as to why you decided to go with that date for that specific month.  For instance, gift cards for 2 ski passes to go in March would be ideal.  Cover the expenses as much as you can, so at least 1 thing in each envelope is already paid for.  You can even stick a menu from a restaurant (if you got restaurant gift cards) or if you have concert tickets, stick a mixed tape of the group’s greatest hits…brochures for an art exhibit or vacation…etc…(you get the picture)…just to give it some extra excitement.


On the 1st of the each month, open up the envelope together.  Let him read it and then look at a calendar together and decide which day that month you will plan that date night…or day.  This way, it ensures that each month you will be spending time together and doing something special.

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Go further into the arms of love by melting into his

…In honor of your first wedded Valentine’s Day,  keep that heart pitter patter-ing! Bring back that old-school, first-falling in love feeling with a classic 90’s movie such as Empire Records.  Skip the movie and just go imitate Liv Tyler’s character in the last scene: let your soul mate drag your weak knees and feet in a sweeping motion on a rooftop…dancing and kissing playfully…blasting a soundtrack by Gin Blossoms, whose sound is reminiscent of discovering you have a crush on your high school sweetheart, and whose music echoes the butterflies pouncing around in your stomach.


When somebody makes your heart pitter patter, they are the one for you. 


Love is friendship set on fire. 


Happily Ever After Never Will End

When you share your life with your Best Friend.


ONCE you believe your life is a fairytale…that is when “ONCE upon a time…” begins.

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