Married Hearts… First Valentine’s Day (Part 3)

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As a newlywed couple, make a point to bring more cerebral activity into your bond whether your staying on the couch…or hopping in the car for a night out.  Pop a documentary into the DVD player instead of watching mindless fluff or go to a lecture or self-development workshop or other thought-(and conversation-) provoking event that is uplifting, positive, and spiritual.  Discover your amour in a new light by engaging in something different, and captivating.

The first year being married on special occasions is a stellar time for hanging out in a group setting, which will also enrich your bond.  Watching everyone from each entourage mix will be a refreshing experience.  A kindred spirit vibe is bound to emerge!  How about co-hosting a game night or casual dinner party to bring everyone together?  Or get out and join a winter league of co-ed sports.  The couple that plays together, stays together…as the old adage goes.


Just make your number 1 priority to enjoy your evening, whether in private or in public, and take some time to think about setting the mood and you’ll no doubt have a memorable time together and even create a new tradition of which you can repeat in the future on holidays, special occasions, and perhaps on another Valentine’s Day.


ALARM!  AVOID TIP :  And no swinging bats at heart piñatas !…it’s only your first year married!  Save the tantrums, if you must have them, for your later years!  (Kidding.  Ditch the tantrums, your mature and married now, right?)


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