Married Hearts… First Valentine’s Day (Part 2)

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Activities and Ideas

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, couples who just got married, or who have even been married for years, often view it as a holiday for young lovers – those who are dating,

But you, my dear, are newly married…and that is a cause for celebration.  I’m sure you have had your share of dates on V-Day all those years leading up until your marriage.  But that’s no excuse for just exchanging greeting cards and quick pecks on the cheek.  Don’t you dare lose that spark!  Keep those V-Days of the past alive and get creative.


You will want to schedule an intimate evening with your partner.  And this doesn’t need to involve an exotic trip, expensive jewelry, or even a visit to your favorite restaurant…but go ahead and indulge if you’re feeling up to it.


Staying in?  Or headed out?  If you prefer a low-key kind of night as a couple, escape with popping some long or short films focusing on love in the DVD player.  Give yourselves the type of entertainment that will heal your heart and soothe your soul on this heart-warming holiday.


Why not plan a private, fun, and delicious picnic the two of you can enjoy together?  This does require nice, warm weather if you‘re thinking of sitting on the grass…so I guess it depends on what part of the world your love nest resides.  There are plenty of other options, including holding your picnic indoors in your very own house, while still organizing it as if you were going to spend some time outside under the trees.  Break out a special blanket, an insulated wine tote, and other picnic accessories and think about creative ways to fill them.  Make your own appetizers or order food in.   Throw some fancy, fluffy pillows down on the floor by the fireplace…sit on some yoga mats with candles lit around…and even throw in the old-school game of Twister to playfully spice things up.  Include background music, perhaps something from when you first met or the timeframe in which you were dating.  Maybe even include the “first dance” song at your wedding reception.


If you desire an evening out, perhaps  a favorite restaurant, Broadway play, or concert of choice will be some options.  If you’re a young-at-heart type, embrace the inner-child out and go out clubbing, bar-hopping, or to your favorite karaoke spot.  Bring your glow ring pops out with you and light up the dance floor at your favorite DJ’s weekend event.

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