Bridal Gown Spotlight (Part 2)

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If you like the idea of the traditional, plain white dress, you can always add in some color to the details.  There is nothing wrong with replacing some of your dress’ accents with color.

* If your dress has large white flowers, get them replaced with colorful posies.

 * Add a colorful sash.  You could coordinate this with the colors of your bridesmaid dresses.


* Get the bottom of your dress dyed: If your dress is not too ornate, it might really spice things up if the bottom of it is a light blue or pale pink.  Hire a professional to do this for you, as attempts of doing it yourself can lead to a dress disaster.


If you like the idea of a plain wedding dress but would like to add a little more detail, then consider covered buttons or ribbon lacing to the back. Many dress designers offer a choice of closure to their dresses so you can change a plain zipper to pretty covered buttons or sexy corset style lacing. Adding covered buttons is also something you can do yourself very easily and they can turn a plain dress into something unique and very classic looking.


*Shorten your dress. Everyone will expect you to wear a long dress, so there is no harm in turning heads in a short little number!

*Beading is always an easy way to make a plain dress look fabulous. Coordinate the beads on your dress with those in your other wedding accessories, so if your hair accessories include pearls and crystals then use those on your dress.  A simple option is to slip stitch beads around the neckline of your dress, but if you want to do something more fancy, then plan your design on a piece of graph paper first and place the beads on your dress without sewing them so you can see how they will look.  Once you are happy you can proceed to attach them yourself or have a professional do it for you.  
*Lace : Adding a touch of lace goes a long way to creating that bridal look. A nice touch is to add a band of lace to the hem of your skirt which will just peep out on the tops of your toes.  Another idea is to wear a lace edged petticoat underneath, which is slightly longer.  This works nicely for full skirted dresses and when you sit down, it will peep out from under your skirt for a very pretty bridal look.

Tip: If your dress has ribbon lacing ask for different colored ribbons or change them yourself.  Or use colored versions of the ideas listed above such as colored beads or appliqués.  A colored lace petticoat is a great way of adding interest to your dress without it being too obvious.
*Dainty Detailing: These can be beaded, sequined, lace or combination and are very easy to sew onto your dress.  You can find them in various sizes and matching colors, including full bodice pieces, sleeve appliqués and larger versions to apply to trains.

Look around sewing shops and online for bridal boutiques where you can make a special request to place your unique order. 

– – Hire a costume designer to “build on” your dress.  A professional can look at a piece and know exactly what to do to make it unique.  Adding an accented line down your dress, or delicately placing jewels in designated places can all add a unique feel to your dress.


* Instead of plain white pumps, wear colorful & funky shoes.  OR have a little sparkle or color sticking out the bottom of your dress.

*Customize simple satin pumps with shoe jewelry such as rhinestone ribbons. 

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