Theme Weddings (Part 3)

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*  Beach Wedding: Beach Party, Elegant Beach Wedding, Under the Sea, Mermaid/Aquatic Wedding, etc.  You can be as creative as possible with scenery & favors with dolphins, fish, starfish, seashells, sea horses, sand dollars, flip flops, palm trees, lighthouses, sailboats, sunscreen, and so much more!  For a more romantic backdrop, imagine a string quartet and lilies…gentle waves and the sun setting…the soft sand caressing your feet as you approach your soul mate and pledge your eternal love on the scattered with petals aisle, under a white, billow canopy with delicate chiffon drapes.

*Manhattan Public Library…for you writers, authors, aspiring writers/editors/authors, teachers, etc.).  There’s just something magical about marrying in a setting that transports you to another time of one of those iconic places that exist in history books and give New York its’ color and intensity.  Dance under its’ glass and iron domed ceiling and make your invitations out to guests in the style of a book cover.  An authentic Big Apple Wedding, indeed.


* Arabian Nights…Belly Dancers and Buddha Bars, bamboo shots, sitting on sofas in colored tents relaxing & sipping flavored Hookahs and being served by waiters/waitresses in harem pants.  Bring back the splendor of a Thousand Nights and even the Disney classic, Alladin.  Take a flight of fancy on your magic carpet as you soak in the magical atmosphere reliving the charmed life of Princess Jasmine & Prince Alladin in a palace setting with minarets and towers, silks and flowers, and bejeweled thrones.  Make a wish into your magic lamp and make this magical experience a reality for you on your wedding day.


Go Retro wish you were in a different decade?  On your wedding night, you can be.  Pick a decade that you love…and surround yourself with mod pieces & pin-up styles…from polka dot shoes, red lipstick, poufy skirts, beehive hairdos to the flower power of peace signs or the rock-n-roll of the 80’s or the disco dancing era under a shiny disco ball.

Romantic/Whimsical WeddingRed, red Roses, pink ribbons, dancing the classic waltz, & beautiful candles.  Incorporate your favorite characters from novels, children’s books, movies, & televisions for a more whimsical aura.  (See Fairytale/Fantasy below for more whimsy filled ideas!)

 Fairytale/Fantasy…Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and all of the Disney princesses you wish to be.  Just imagine…you can have your own storybook wedding filled with glass slippers, tiaras & crowns, a white horse-drawn carriage, pixie dust, magic wands, and your very own Prince Charming waiting for you at the end of the aisle in your castle.  For a fairytale feel without the princess theme, think of the magical characters in other fantasy stories that you love, such as the gods & goddesses of mythology.  Click your heels & be Dorothy for the day…have an adornment of butterflies & fairies…and just be as creative and imaginative as you can be to bring your wedding to a place, or palace, of enchantment.

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