Theme Weddings (Part 2)

Please read Part 1 first

*Napa Valley Winery…Ambiance, Cheeses, & you guessed it…WINE.  And lots of it!  Have a food and wine pairing for a celebration while dining under a canopy of a grape arbor and feel as if your in the middle of Napa Valley’s vineyard.  Wooden cheese boards can be used as appetizer plates and as a gift for guests to take home.

*Cinco de Mayo…for you “May wedding” Brides!  FIESTA TIME!  This can be a Mexican themed wedding with bright and fun colors…and of course, a Margarita bar.

*Monte Carlo Casino Night…for the gambling girl!  Casino Square, Grand Prix Racing Cars, Millionaires, Roulette Tables, Dice, Casino chips…cha-ching!  Create your ultimate JACKPOT wedding.

*Medieval Times….MI LADY & HER LORD: Have a rustic, Renaissance fair at a castle and play princess & prince for a day dressed in medieval garments with wine served in goblets.  There is no such thing as a royal pain on the path towards King Arthur’s court on your wedding day!


*Botanical Gardens : Japanese Tea, Victorian Garden Delight, etc.  Cherry blossoms, bamboo sticks, lucky elephants & fortune cookies (good luck & happiness symbols), incense, chopsticks, and teapots filled with flowers.  For just a simple Garden theme, bring back a simple time of elegant affairs when ladies wore their Sunday best and gentlemen stood to help a lady with her chair.  This theme will evoke that romantic sense and timeless beauty to life.


*Clam Bake…This can be formal, traditional clambake, a casual, messy on the beach type of feel, an old-fashioned New-England feel, or ocean-inspired.  Take yourself back to the days of early New England colonists and treat your guests to an evening of enjoyment over a steaming pile of lobsters and more delicious, fresh seafood seasoned with smoke house flavors.


*Carnival …A Ferris wheel, carousel, popcorn machine, cotton candy, and you can’t forget the Kissing Booth!  An outdoors celebration in the night time breeze will recreate the inner child in all attendees.  Keep the kid inside of you, as you’ll be working with a colorful, fun, summery atmosphere with lots of reds, pinks, whites, yellows, and golds to set the theme.

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