How to have a Winter Wedding (Part 1)

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Walking in a winter wonder wedding

By Jaclyn Ianetti

Snow Whitewalking in a Winter Wonderland….with her Prince Charming, kissing under a mistletoe made of berries…(better berries than any poison apple!)


A winter wonderland scene paints a picture in my own imagination of snowmen created alongside down a hill, with children sleigh riding, and families or couples holding hands ice skating around a faraway frozen pond swaying, wearing mittens, scarves, sweaters, hats, and earmuffs…as snow flurries whirl in the wintery wind where icicles form on the white-coated forest trees.


Don’t you kind of love December?    

Start off by picking a theme so that you can send out invitations that correspond with your theme of choice.

Snowy fairy-tale castles…. whimsical winter wonderland…Christmas… snowflakes & pinecones…take a trip through the wardrobe into a blizzard backdrop of Narnia….If you’re a Disney bride, draw some inspiration from Snow White, Belle (From “Beauty & the Beast,” and have your theme as a book-filled library in the middle of a mansion, with a rooftop full of snow, stranded in the wintery woods), and also from Disney’s new movie “Frozen.”

Keep in mind that just because you’re having a wedding in the winter doesn’t mean you have to play the “Ice Queen” bride with an icy, cold theme that’s limited to the mood of just ice and snow.


GET CREATIVE with your wedding theme & color palette.  Go retro…and think back to your best memories…channel your childhood memories of winter to best capture the colors that come to mind.

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How to choose your wedding menu (Part 4)

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Menu Muse

Try to reflect the mood of your day in your choice of food to give a sense of continuity.  Delicate foods such as olives, cheeses, & tarts would suit a sophisticated wedding well, whereas comfort foods and doughnuts would fit more appropriately for a more casual, relaxed wedding.

Your food, or some of your food at least, should co-exist with your theme of the wedding.  Mermaid summer theme?  Seashell shaped cookies on the dessert table.  Disney princess wedding? Pick something creative to do with apples (Snow White)…just nothing poisonous!

Is your Wedding on Valentines Day?  Heart shaped cut out cupcakes.  You get the picture…. Check out Pinterest’s platform to serve as your Menu Muse.

Magazines, cookbooks, and even restaurant menus can provide additional ideas.  Write it all down or tear out pages to save for future reference.  If you choose a caterer, they will also offer suggestions and their professional opinion of what flavors compliment each other and what will subtly go well together for your overall food choices.


between courses…especially if your wedding is in the summer months because this will help really cool people off…and believe me, the dancers will appreciate!


You could also have your choice of mini sweets or candies to be passed out at the last minutes of the night before it comes to a close.


End the night on a sweet note to really enchant your audience of guests.

 Sense the Taste

Smooth & Scrumptious….Taste is one of five (or six, for the more intuitively gifted!) of our very strong senses of which we use to relate to the world and to others.  We all bond over food, as food is a common thread that has the power to connect, as well as heal us.


Let whatever inspires you, guide you.  Work closely with a chef to compose a menu that will be realistic and memorably exceptional to creating your wedding day dream menu.  The goal is to diversify the menu to provide your guests with a wide array of choices.   You want them to leave comfortably satisfied and…ful filled.

Reflect yourselves in the food by picking your favorite flavors from your culture or favorite country to be incorporated so that your wedding guests will think of you and remember these tastes you created in one of their distinctive senses long after your wedding.


How to choose your wedding menu (Part 2)

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal.

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Selective Servings

In the most traditional version, a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres is preceded by a seated dinner of three courses: The first course is typically an artfully arranged plate of appetizer-friendly foods. The main entree usually includes a meat or fish, such as filet mignon or grilled salmon (include a separate dish for your vegetarian guests!) accompanied by a starch, such as rice or potatoes, and maybe even quinoa for your holistically fit guests, and a vegetable, like asparagus or broccoli.  Dessert may or may not be your wedding cake; some couples serve a separate dessert, something light and refreshing such as a sorbet, and save the wedding cake for later in the reception…during the “dance party.”

Forget the standard menu at weddings that you’re familiar with and go for more distinctive flavors to really give everybody something to remember from the most memorable dinner party of your life.  This can be more complicated and challenging, but also exciting.  Whether from around the world…Italian pastas & panini sandwiches, Spanish tapas, Japanese finger foods…to a particular part of your favorite country or island (Hawaiian, Southwestern, or Cajun cuisines), or from your own family’s kitchens….choose what you like & GET CREATIVE !

Dare to be Different

Varying your courses is actually a strategically smart thing to do.  If you are having seafood as a starter, (say, as a few appetizers in cocktail hour), then avoid it as a main course.  If you want a light afternoon tea followed by a formal dinner in the evening…or red wine and cheese during speeches and toasts, then go with it.  It’s YOUR day, so YOU choose…and feel free ENTIRELY to choose food that you love and want to eat…to a certain extent, of course.


Just remember that your guests’ culinary tastes might not be as adventurous as your own.  For the more conservative palates: limiting more exotic foods in appetizers is one way to do it.  And be sure to include kid-friendly foods if children will be at your wedding (chicken fingers, fries, individual pizzas so they can have their own little pizza party).


*SAFETY TIP! : Always arrange for food tastings at your venues of choice first so you are fully confident in the abilities of the chefs to pull off any designed dish that is adventurous as well as the more “safe” ones.

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How to plan your wedding day hair (Part 1)

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal store in Paramus, Northern New Jersey.

You’ve finally found your bridal gown. What a relief! Now it is time to complete a few more steps so that you can have an idea of what you will look like on your special day. A hair and makeup trial is strongly recommended. The last thing you want is to end up with a super hard, messy 90’s prom looking hair-do the day of your wedding. Unless you have a hair dresser you usually go to, scope out the salons in your area. Ask to see a portfolio of makeup and hair they’ve done in the past. This will help you decide where to have your trial.

Once you select a salon, schedule your trial. This should not be any longer than three months before the wedding. Too much time between your trial and your wedding might result in your changing your mind which would defeat the purpose of the trial. After your trial, you want to leave with the style you love to have for the big day. This is your day. By now you’ve probably browsed hundreds of magazines, websites, blogs and pictures for wedding inspiration. Hopefully you’ve been able to figure out what type of hair style you plan to go for. If you have an image, or even if it isn’t exactly what you want, bring the picture along so that your stylist can get the idea.

On the day of your trial, make sure that you have enough time to enjoy the experience; your actual hairdo could take hours. Some salons also offer make up trials at the same time. If you choose a salon that offers this, and you will be getting your make up done, perfect! If not, be sure to put on makeup and look your best. It is strongly recommended to plan a night out after your trial. Your wedding is going to be full of dancing, running around and will be quite long. The last thing you want is to end up with a hair style that taps out after the ceremony. Plan a night out with the girls and let loose. See if your hair can keep up.


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10 Iconic Brides and Bridal Gowns (Part 1)

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal shop in Paramus NJ.

By Jaclyn Ianetti

The times may have changed, but classic dress trends do remain to exist.  The fashion world has seen some

incredible gowns on the runway in the past few decades and think they are as timeless as they get.

Lets take a look at some of the most iconic and memorable wedding dresses ever worn by shining the spotlight on some stars in their break-through bridal roles who are oh-so deserving of their classic, timeless, gush-worthy dresses.


Audrey Hepburn


She played a water sprite in a 1954 Broadway production of Ondine, then chose a decidedly elfin tea-length, chiffon-sleeved Balmain for her wedding to co-star Mel Ferrer later that year.  A wreath of fresh flowers is what really gave her wedding look an ethereal and magical effect.

Jackie O

(Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis )


The fashion icon and future first lady wore a voluminous ivory silk taffeta gown by the designer Ann Lowe when she married John F. Kennedy in 1953.  A portrait neckline and a wide, embellished skirt emphasized Jackie’s small waist…and an heirloom lace veil, which originally belonged to her grandmother, completed the super-romantic ensemble.

Caroline Kennedy 

It should come as no surprise that Caroline Kennedy’s 1986 wedding to Edwin Schlossberg was a stylish affair…her planner was none other than her mother, Jackie Kennedy Onassis.  In a white silk organza gown with a 25-foot train, the daughter of former President John F. Kennedy tied the knot near Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.


Elizabeth Taylor

In 1950, Liz Taylor took her first trip (of seven! …Lucky number seven?) down the aisle, marrying hotel heir Conrad “Nicky” Hilton in Hollywood (Paris and Nicky‘s great uncle).  Her 1950’s silk silhouette, basque-waisted gown cost a then-staggering $1,500 (almost $14,000 in today’s dollars) to make and was a gift from her studio, MGM.

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Bridal Gown Spotlight (Part 1)

By Jaclyn Ianetti

 What makes your bridal gown unique

What sets you apart from all other brides

It’s not about fancy designer labels and price tags.  It’s about taste.  If your dress matches your fashion personality, then it will be sure to speak unique.

Gown Guidance …And always let your CLOSET be your guide

First, you must build on your own everyday look.  Whether you’re a trendsetter or the more laid-back type, go to your closet for some inspiration.  The muse is your closet.  It will help guide you towards a gown that showcases your fashion philosophy.

What’s your style sense

Mod Girl : Less is always more for the cool, modern lady.  Sleek lines, subtle shine, and graphic jewels max out your minimal approach.

 Retro Romantic You’re a 21st-century chick with a vintage vibe.  Plush textures and antique-y accents merge the past with your present.

 Screen Siren Unleash your starlet power with glittering gems, killer heels, and one very red-carpet gown.

 High Maintenance :  For the more extreme types, sparkly baubles/trinkets, blatant bows, and a passion for pink are your fashion faves.  You’re looking forward to the role you were born to play, princess. 

 Changeable Chameleon: Say you’re a little bit of each of the above “labels”…not a problemo.  That just means you’re one edgy chick with too big a personality to settle for being categorized into fitting into just one type of style.  If you embody many layers to your style personality, peel each & every one of them to reveal your whole self and incorporate a bit of everything to really let your colorful personality shine. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, what makes your gown so special

Creativity is the key to really making a unique statement.  Here are some creative suggestions from gown tips, accessories, shoes, and hairstyles…all of which will contribute to the overall portrait of your style, and therefore, giving your gown the ultimate unique boost you dream of….

 . . GOWN. .


If white isn’t your color, who says you have to wear a white bridal gown?   Opt for a gown in your favorite color.  Wedding gowns now come in all sorts of beautiful ones, from bold blues and hot pinks, to greens, golds, and even reds.

If you’re finding it hard to convince your loved ones (your groom or mom) that color is completely appropriate, you might want to consider donning a traditional white wedding gown for your ceremony, then slipping into something in a bold hue for the reception.

There are even several wedding gowns available today that boast two-in-one designs specifically designed for this purpose: short dresses with long, see-through layers on top; two-piece gowns with interchangeable skirt and pant options; and body-skimming sheaths with removable floor-length sheer jackets (the 2-in-1 dress).  It may not be the super short and sexy shift you originally pictured yourself marrying in, but look at it this way: everyone will be happy, and you’ll get to wear two gowns, instead of just one!


If you like the idea of the traditional, plain white dress, you can always add in some color to the details.  There is nothing wrong with replacing some of your dress’ accents with color.

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Bridal Gown Spotlight (Part 2)

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal Shop, Bergen County NJ.

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If you like the idea of the traditional, plain white dress, you can always add in some color to the details.  There is nothing wrong with replacing some of your dress’ accents with color.

* If your dress has large white flowers, get them replaced with colorful posies.

 * Add a colorful sash.  You could coordinate this with the colors of your bridesmaid dresses.


* Get the bottom of your dress dyed: If your dress is not too ornate, it might really spice things up if the bottom of it is a light blue or pale pink.  Hire a professional to do this for you, as attempts of doing it yourself can lead to a dress disaster.


If you like the idea of a plain wedding dress but would like to add a little more detail, then consider covered buttons or ribbon lacing to the back. Many dress designers offer a choice of closure to their dresses so you can change a plain zipper to pretty covered buttons or sexy corset style lacing. Adding covered buttons is also something you can do yourself very easily and they can turn a plain dress into something unique and very classic looking.


*Shorten your dress. Everyone will expect you to wear a long dress, so there is no harm in turning heads in a short little number!

*Beading is always an easy way to make a plain dress look fabulous. Coordinate the beads on your dress with those in your other wedding accessories, so if your hair accessories include pearls and crystals then use those on your dress.  A simple option is to slip stitch beads around the neckline of your dress, but if you want to do something more fancy, then plan your design on a piece of graph paper first and place the beads on your dress without sewing them so you can see how they will look.  Once you are happy you can proceed to attach them yourself or have a professional do it for you.  
*Lace : Adding a touch of lace goes a long way to creating that bridal look. A nice touch is to add a band of lace to the hem of your skirt which will just peep out on the tops of your toes.  Another idea is to wear a lace edged petticoat underneath, which is slightly longer.  This works nicely for full skirted dresses and when you sit down, it will peep out from under your skirt for a very pretty bridal look.

Tip: If your dress has ribbon lacing ask for different colored ribbons or change them yourself.  Or use colored versions of the ideas listed above such as colored beads or appliqués.  A colored lace petticoat is a great way of adding interest to your dress without it being too obvious.
*Dainty Detailing: These can be beaded, sequined, lace or combination and are very easy to sew onto your dress.  You can find them in various sizes and matching colors, including full bodice pieces, sleeve appliqués and larger versions to apply to trains.

Look around sewing shops and online for bridal boutiques where you can make a special request to place your unique order. 

– – Hire a costume designer to “build on” your dress.  A professional can look at a piece and know exactly what to do to make it unique.  Adding an accented line down your dress, or delicately placing jewels in designated places can all add a unique feel to your dress.


* Instead of plain white pumps, wear colorful & funky shoes.  OR have a little sparkle or color sticking out the bottom of your dress.

*Customize simple satin pumps with shoe jewelry such as rhinestone ribbons. 

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Wedding “Wow“ Him (Part 3)

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Since food is the way to a mans heart, why not include some of his favorite munchies at the wedding?  If he’s a guy who loves his snacks, and hamburgers & hotdogs are his type of thing, add them in for cocktail hour.  If you have foods like this during cocktail hour, be sure your reception menu is a bit more “upscale.”  If he’s a big breakfast guy, have a midnight lounge and serve breakfast specialties such as mini pancakes and waffles with decorative fruit on top.  If sweets are what makes your man’s eyes light up, do add a dessert with all of his favorite treats…donuts, pastries, etc.

Take a bridal BOW to the WOW you created.

Not only are all the previous ideas, or any of which you creatively come up with on your own, adorable… but he’ll never expect it which is bonus points!

Seating charts, guest favors, and cake flavors are always on a bride’s radar…but these romantic and personal surprises will leave your groom smiling just that much more and kindly remind him that this day is about the two of you, and not those crazy rants about wedding planning or bridezilla moments over which trendy hue you should pick.

 RECAP besides your outer, newer bridal beauty glow, be sure to let your inner bridal beauty shine and surprise him with something sweet.  Glowing from the inside will have you in an everlasting glow on the outside.  All of which makes you simply adorable, and it will remind him how you have truly stolen his heart right from the start…which led to your shared happily ever after

and now you can be a WOW kind of WIFE One who keeps the glow, memories, and emotions of the wedding day alive with the two of you.

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal Shop, Bergen County NJ.

Best Couple Activities (Part 2)

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal Shop, Bergen County NJ.

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What could be better cardio than dancing?  Turn off the lights and glow in the dark…pump up DJ Tiësto & have your own duo dance party with glow sticks guiding your way.

…Sweaty is sexy.



Festival obsessed?  …from small local band shows, to seeing your favorite old-school rock band performance in NYC, to actually hopping a flight headed for Coachella in California, the ultimate concert and annual explosion of music and style…grab your golden tickets to your show of choice.


Aint’ got the mula for scoring those tix to huge venues?  Then just make music together in the comfort of your own home, or even rent out a studio for the day/night.  Invite others to come along if you wish (musically inclined friends who actually play instruments, if you & hubby don‘t) & delegate roles of whose starring as songwriter, musician, etc.

 Simplicity of Songs

A simple & musical exercise: find and play for each other the music that you listened to in high school.  Describe to each other what you were like then and what you were thinking and feeling.  What did you wear and how was your hair?  What was a low point and a high point of those years?

 Silly Songs

Get paper and crayons, play some music, and draw to the music.  Exchange your drawings and reveal them to each other after the song ends.  Go ahead and laugh…


Whenever you get that gut feeling that says you both need a spur-of-the-moment mini adventure, go for it.  Following your instincts could be what brings the spark back to your relationship, or brings it to new, exciting levels.  Spontaneous activities shared by couples are special, unannounced moments in time when the adrenaline is pumping and memories are made, especially because you’re living in the present moment…and when you do this, you’re truly living.


Surprising your other half with a romantic weekend a few hours from home can really spice things up.  Try this on for size: The night before, pack both of your bags to be ready to go the following morning.  In the morning, place a note under his pillow that reads something as enticing and intriguing as you wish.  Finish it off with saying “be ready in an hour.”  This is spontaneous and exciting for your partner and can make for a romantic weekend.


Turn off your cell phones so that only the two of you exist.  Go anywhere you dream of…the mountains, a quiet beach, the place you first met, a spot on the map where the two of you share a high interest of traveling to…somewhere where you’ve never been before.  Experiencing it first hand together, for the first time for both of you, will make it even more so a special memory.

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