Theme Weddings (Part 3)

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*  Beach Wedding: Beach Party, Elegant Beach Wedding, Under the Sea, Mermaid/Aquatic Wedding, etc.  You can be as creative as possible with scenery & favors with dolphins, fish, starfish, seashells, sea horses, sand dollars, flip flops, palm trees, lighthouses, sailboats, sunscreen, and so much more!  For a more romantic backdrop, imagine a string quartet and lilies…gentle waves and the sun setting…the soft sand caressing your feet as you approach your soul mate and pledge your eternal love on the scattered with petals aisle, under a white, billow canopy with delicate chiffon drapes.

*Manhattan Public Library…for you writers, authors, aspiring writers/editors/authors, teachers, etc.).  There’s just something magical about marrying in a setting that transports you to another time of one of those iconic places that exist in history books and give New York its’ color and intensity.  Dance under its’ glass and iron domed ceiling and make your invitations out to guests in the style of a book cover.  An authentic Big Apple Wedding, indeed.


* Arabian Nights…Belly Dancers and Buddha Bars, bamboo shots, sitting on sofas in colored tents relaxing & sipping flavored Hookahs and being served by waiters/waitresses in harem pants.  Bring back the splendor of a Thousand Nights and even the Disney classic, Alladin.  Take a flight of fancy on your magic carpet as you soak in the magical atmosphere reliving the charmed life of Princess Jasmine & Prince Alladin in a palace setting with minarets and towers, silks and flowers, and bejeweled thrones.  Make a wish into your magic lamp and make this magical experience a reality for you on your wedding day.


Go Retro wish you were in a different decade?  On your wedding night, you can be.  Pick a decade that you love…and surround yourself with mod pieces & pin-up styles…from polka dot shoes, red lipstick, poufy skirts, beehive hairdos to the flower power of peace signs or the rock-n-roll of the 80’s or the disco dancing era under a shiny disco ball.

Romantic/Whimsical WeddingRed, red Roses, pink ribbons, dancing the classic waltz, & beautiful candles.  Incorporate your favorite characters from novels, children’s books, movies, & televisions for a more whimsical aura.  (See Fairytale/Fantasy below for more whimsy filled ideas!)

 Fairytale/Fantasy…Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and all of the Disney princesses you wish to be.  Just imagine…you can have your own storybook wedding filled with glass slippers, tiaras & crowns, a white horse-drawn carriage, pixie dust, magic wands, and your very own Prince Charming waiting for you at the end of the aisle in your castle.  For a fairytale feel without the princess theme, think of the magical characters in other fantasy stories that you love, such as the gods & goddesses of mythology.  Click your heels & be Dorothy for the day…have an adornment of butterflies & fairies…and just be as creative and imaginative as you can be to bring your wedding to a place, or palace, of enchantment.

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Theme Weddings (Part 2)

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*Napa Valley Winery…Ambiance, Cheeses, & you guessed it…WINE.  And lots of it!  Have a food and wine pairing for a celebration while dining under a canopy of a grape arbor and feel as if your in the middle of Napa Valley’s vineyard.  Wooden cheese boards can be used as appetizer plates and as a gift for guests to take home.

*Cinco de Mayo…for you “May wedding” Brides!  FIESTA TIME!  This can be a Mexican themed wedding with bright and fun colors…and of course, a Margarita bar.

*Monte Carlo Casino Night…for the gambling girl!  Casino Square, Grand Prix Racing Cars, Millionaires, Roulette Tables, Dice, Casino chips…cha-ching!  Create your ultimate JACKPOT wedding.

*Medieval Times….MI LADY & HER LORD: Have a rustic, Renaissance fair at a castle and play princess & prince for a day dressed in medieval garments with wine served in goblets.  There is no such thing as a royal pain on the path towards King Arthur’s court on your wedding day!


*Botanical Gardens : Japanese Tea, Victorian Garden Delight, etc.  Cherry blossoms, bamboo sticks, lucky elephants & fortune cookies (good luck & happiness symbols), incense, chopsticks, and teapots filled with flowers.  For just a simple Garden theme, bring back a simple time of elegant affairs when ladies wore their Sunday best and gentlemen stood to help a lady with her chair.  This theme will evoke that romantic sense and timeless beauty to life.


*Clam Bake…This can be formal, traditional clambake, a casual, messy on the beach type of feel, an old-fashioned New-England feel, or ocean-inspired.  Take yourself back to the days of early New England colonists and treat your guests to an evening of enjoyment over a steaming pile of lobsters and more delicious, fresh seafood seasoned with smoke house flavors.


*Carnival …A Ferris wheel, carousel, popcorn machine, cotton candy, and you can’t forget the Kissing Booth!  An outdoors celebration in the night time breeze will recreate the inner child in all attendees.  Keep the kid inside of you, as you’ll be working with a colorful, fun, summery atmosphere with lots of reds, pinks, whites, yellows, and golds to set the theme.

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Theme Weddings (Part 1)

By Jaclyn Ianetti

 Your wedding day is as special and unique as you are.  Everything about it should reflect your individuality, especially your ceremony and the reception.

First, plan your theme according to your ceremony and reception site.  Figure out what they both have to offer.  Does the hotel include ballrooms, bridal suite, and more?  Is there an outside party area?  Is it more of a casual, formal, or intimate setting?


*Ceremony site / Reception site

*Outside party area

*Bridal Suite



*Country Club

*Water side





Here’s a list of just a few ideas to engage with in choosing a theme for your own wedding…and you can always expand on the ideas to make one fit just for you.

*Double Wedding:  A single ceremony where two affiliated couples rendezvous for two separate weddings.  Are you one for sharing your ONE special day?  Be positive that all will be smooth if you do decide to book a double, and don’t let it turn into a scene from the movie “Bride Wars,” as Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson’s characters go from best friends to bride enemies at the same venue!…SCARY!


Weekend wedding A wedding in which couples and their guests celebrate over the course of a weekend.  Lodging is usually at the same facility as the wedding.


Military wedding: A ceremony conducted in a military chapel.


Civil wedding A ceremony presided over by a local civil authority, such as an elected or appointed judge, justice of the peace, or the mayor of a locality.


Let’s get creative with our list of fun & festive themes:


*Mardi Gras…for the PARTY bride!: beads, glow in the dark jewelry, Cajun food such as jambalaya & boiled shrimp…all spicy suggestions to serve in this New Orleans inspired theme.


*Masquerade Ball…for you costume lovers!  Decorated masks, jester dolls, and the primary colors of green, gold, & purple can be combined into this wedding.


*Winter Wonderland…Snow/Ice Queens!  Create a world of wondrous enchantment by using reflections of silver & gold…sparkle & shine…accented by a simple & sophisticated color scheme of pure white.


*Western Wedding…Grab your partner dosey-doe?  Cowboy hats and horseshoes…Add some country flair with an authentic cowboy atmosphere.


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Journey of wedding day preparation (Part 2)

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Passion -> Pressure -> Preparation -> Perfection 

DROP THE PRESSURE out of this formula!

Ok, it might be unrealistic to “drop the pressure”…Easier said than done, I know!  But how do you at least ease the pressure on your journey to perfection?  Unrealistic expectations of everything that has to do with the wedding date will bring you down once your day arrives.  So first start off by acknowledging this and slowly try to rid yourself of all expectations and just go with the flow of doing the best that you can.  Once you feel stressed out, you are pushing yourself too hard.  Be gentle with yourself and the goals you wish to reach before your wedding.

The biggest pressure for brides is to lose weight, and how you will look, from head to toe, on your big day.  Altering yourself to fitting the dress you want shouldn’t be #1 on your to-do list.  Find a dress that fits you, one you’re comfortable in right now as you try it on!  This will alleviate the pressure to drop the weight in an unrealistic amount if time, which just adds more pressure for you soon-to-be-brides to resort to drastic measures of losing weight in unhealthy ways. Don’t be this desperate bride!  Set healthy goals and stick to a healthy meal plan if you wish to lose weight or maintain the weight you already are.  Remember, slow and steady steps will get you to your destination without feeling exhausted once you arrive.

There’s no doubt that every bride wants to look and feel her best on the big day, but the constant pressure of it all could be too much.  During your bridal journey, you might become someone you’re not…someone who worries constantly about their looks and beats herself up internally for not sticking to a certain diet and indulging too much at dinner one night.  How many calories are in that?  Don’t let your thoughts consume you and gain your healthy perspective back by taking excellent care of yourself so you’re feeling wonderful by the time your day arrives.

 ***Wedding planning for self-care

You want to look like yourself on the day of your wedding but at your best…your best self.  Your perfect day is quickly approaching, and the main goal of every bride in the world is to have the perfect day of beauty.  Don’t go for a dramatic change in your look, just take care of yourself, and prepare ahead by making appointments for your hair, makeup, manicure & pedicure, etc.

 *Outer beauty is a reflection of inner beautyChoose good food choices and quality exercise.  Eating right and exercising will help you drop those last few pounds without you thinking about it all the time.  It will just happen when you practice a healthy lifestyle.  This not only will physically benefit you, but will help with your mental and emotional stress.

*Try yoga and meditation!  This is a relaxing outlet that will keep you centered.  A centered, grounded feeling inside of you will help you focus on what is important.

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Journey of wedding day preparation (Part 1)

by Jaclyn Ianetti

“We understand what you feel”

The sounds of wedding bells are just around the corner…and that’s all your loved ones seem to hear.  But you?- you hear something a bit more heavy than the lighthearted jingle everybody else seems to be enthralled in.  What is it exactly that is preventing you from enjoying these enchanting vibes? PRESSURE!

 A time-out from the rainbows and beautiful butterflies that are fluttering around your wedding daze, the pressures a bride feels to look her best on the day of the wedding is a real emotion that is often overlooked.  The bridal industry puts a ton of pressure on brides to look their best on their wedding day.  This extreme pressure is a universal feeling that ALL brides can identify with.  You are filled with excitement for the day of your wedding to finally arrive, yet you also cannot wait for it to be over so that you are relieved from all of the pressure that leads up to this day!  The anticipation of the entire journey to your wedding day can create a subconscious feeling to rush the process.

Once the day is here, the pressure to look your best is off, right?  But you don’t want to miss something valuable in the journey along the way.  It is a journey towards love.  And love should never be rushed.  Let the famous quote of “Love is patient, love is kind” replay in your head every time you find yourself secretly wishing for the day to just come already.  Why do you want the day to come so quickly?  Perhaps all of the pressure is the main culprit behind those feelings, which are sometimes subliminal and other times, thought out.  Be conscious of your emotions, and stay aware to how you are feeling.  As you do with love, be patient and kind with yourself, and your journey towards the wedding day.


Wedding day jitters won’t necessarily turn you bitter, but they can surprise you with a full range of moods consuming your head and heart, affecting your self-esteem.  Your sensitivity is heightened during this precious time in your life, and you can find yourself reacting emotionally in ways you may never have expressed before.  You are passionate about everything that has to do with your wedding and how you will look.  So, as you see, what you are passionate about sometimes creates pressure, because you want everything to be perfect.


Every bride is trying to lose 10 pounds, get in shape, or is generally worrying about how she’ll look on her wedding day.  It seems almost impossible to escape the magazines and the models in them; because they are everywhere you look.  The bridal industry showcases uber-thin models in gorgeous gowns and even wedding websites’ sections are dedicated to headlines such as “Drop 10 pounds before your wedding!,” “Tone and slim your thighs!,” etc.  The fitness industry has even expanded to including “bridal boot camps.”  The worst part of the pressure, though, is the one you will put on yourself, because your eyes are flooded with images and articles that you keep seeing on wedding websites and in wedding magazines.  You feel you have to be perfect.

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Bride’s wish list (part 2)

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What do you love about your spouse?
Create love notes together or alone, as reminders & keepsakes of what has made you fall in love with the man you chose to be your husband.

Store these love notes in your treasure chest: notes compiled in a book, photo/note album, wooden box, a spot on the table each morning to show your husband your love for him each day or on special occasions, or simply inside your heart. Your treasure chest, whether tangible or intangible, is your heart’s realizations, unlocked.

These heartfelt quotes can be apart of your love note collection if you choose:

“Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”
– Emily Bronte

“There are three things that last: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love” – I Corinthians 13:13

“Two human loves make one divine.”
– ***Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“I have spread my dreams beneath your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”
– ***W.B. Yeats

“He is blessed in love alone,
Who loves for years and loves but one.”
– Sir A. Hunt

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
A Wish for the future with the man you chose

Your very own… “Wish Tree of Love”
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –”
– Emily Dickinson

“Sit by me, my beloved, and listen to my heart; smile, for your happiness is a symbol of our future.”
– Kahlil Gibran
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
You made many commitments so far, now what about one towards the ambitions, hopes & dreams of your future? Do you and your husband want the same things? How much do you know about your partner’s vision of the future? Are you able to chat openly about where you see yourselves in five years, ten years time? You should be able to talk openly and freely about this with him. Issues should not be overlooked as couples embark on their new life together. Talk about what matters to you both!

Below are some starting points, whether you know the answers to them right now or not, it’s ok…what matters is your honesty.

Children: Many people assume that getting married means having children sometime in the future, while others see having a family as only a possible consequence. If having a child is a given for you make sure that your partner is aware of how much this matters to you. Research shows it is really important for couples to share views on having children. What are your memories of childhood? Thoughts around having one child or a big family? If either of you have children from previous relationships what issues does this raise for both of you?

Extended family: How involved would you want them to be? Things you would like to replicate from your own upbringing and things you would want to avoid?

A Home : What did home mean to you growing up? How important is it to be near family and friends? Do you see yourself settling in one area or moving around? How important is a nice home to you? Where do you want to live?

Career: ? Your job and home coincide, and the location of one will absolutely influence the other! What work do you do and why? Self-employed? Employed? Balancing work with home life? Ideal job and why? Which matters most – pay or doing a job you love? How ambitious are you? What motivates you?

Life together and apart: The importance of your social life; how much time will you spend together as a couple, how much time apart? Quality of time spent together? Shared activities and separate hobbies? What certain interests and hobbies signify for you? Travel plans and dreams?

Write down and share with your partner or save for a later time some practical goals as well as your big dreams and fantasies…these show you your passions. Your dreams are real…and your hopes are just your heart speaking its’ honesty. . .


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Wedding gown for Libra (Sept 24– Oct 23) The Balanced Bombshell – Aleana’s Bridal Shop

Personality:  People person…charmer…balanced.  You are a staunch defender of “what’s right.”  You’re cultured, worldly and feel the most comfortable at a cocktail party or at a theater event.  You domestic divas thrive off playing hostess in your home, setting up a fine assortment of food and drinks on a delectable dining room table decorated to the finest degree. Nobody can top you when it comes to etiquette…Miss sophisticato Libras know how to conduct real manners!  Libras are great artists and have a good eye for aesthetics.  As Libras are astute, effective communicators, the right thing to say is always on the tip of your tongue.  You speak the truth and have no problem telling it like it is to anybody.  Refined, classy, chic, honest…all of which gives the honorable title of holding the scales to a balanced persona.

StyleGraceful GoddessFair and Foxy…As the aesthetic sign of the Scales, you’re all about balance and proportion…you love fine fabrics and tailoring.  You don’t get dressed — you put together “outfits.”  You know you’re better off weighing every choice carefully in a head-to-toe, coordinated ensemble than a mishmash of random separates.  Ruled by Venus, goddess of beauty and love, Libras can pull off romantic and über-feminine styles.  You’re drawn to vibrant jewel-tones, floral embroidery, and floor-length, flowing skirts.  A vast collection of chunky necklaces and handmade jewelry are what Libras are known for.  Everything you wear must be dramatic and beautiful: Every good outfit deserves an audience, and as a highly social sign, you’ll line up a date or a party to make sure your hard work at the mirror doesn’t go unnoticed.

Your Dream Dress/ Wedding Dress Horoscope: 

For you, a graceful gown is as important as the groom!  As a very romantic sign, Libra women usually always strive to look their best… can you imagine how you will feel on your wedding day?  Libras are exacting communicators: make a statement in a sweeping ball room gown with flower details and tiny jewels throughout.  Balanced fashion and beauty consciousness helps to make a Libra bride pretty.  Your most refined and expensive tastes could consider a strapless silhouette that highlights your great bod, beautiful brocade trim, an illusion fabric, even an elegant train to be quite revealing.  With delicate straps bejeweled with sequins, dainty stitching and an extensive train, it’s no wonder that you will have your very own bridal audience at the wedding who “oos and aahs” over such a gown.

Impeccable makeup and a dramatic eye add old school glamour to complete your look.  Heaven forbid someone should rush you when you’re getting dressed.  You need to take your time to create the right look, carefully applying the perfect shade of lipstick.

Style icon who shares your sign: Kate Winslet

Libra seductresses: Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani

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Aries (March 21 – April 20) The Bold Beauty – Aleana’s Bridal Shop

Personality:  Aries are innovative leaders and pioneers.  Impulsive and exuberant, you’re always the first of your friends to try something new like getting a pixie haircut…or to be the daring one to dive into frigid waters or to approach a guy at a bar and make the first move.  You’re more certain of yourself when you’re strutting down the road less traveled.  If something doesn’t capture your attention instantly, you’ll move on.  You know what you want and how to get it.  A decisive, ballsy, blunt, beauty with brains makes everybody trust in your opinions and guided directions, using you as their prime role model.

Style: Innocent Vixen…As the zodiac’s trailblazer, you’ll try any trend.  You take risks: violet tresses, thigh-high boots, maybe a Mohawk (you’ll try it and handle the consequences later!).  You’re more frightened of being boring than appearing on the “worst dressed” list.  You’re a fearless fashionista who lives by her own courageous rules.  A mix of girlie-girl and warrior woman, you can get away with outfits that reflect both sides of your personality: pairing a flouncy skirt with a crisp, tailored blazer or a miniskirt with combat boots.  Bold colors, like red, are your colors, as well as neutrals like black.  The most important thing for you and your sense of fashion is to never blend into the crowd.  Aries girls want to see and be seen in originality.

Your Dream Dress/ Wedding Dress Horoscope: An Aries bride wants to stun the crowd.  Tradition is not on the guest list for your wedding.  You’ll be inexplicably drawn to trend-setting, strapless numbers with colored accents in the form of a sash or trim.  You are the queen of the ball…and you want your whole look to reflect that honor.  You have a taste for bold trends and sexy styles, so go for a grand gown that makes a bold, beautiful statement.  Wear a dress that commands attention with pretty detailing around a bodice or neckline, some pearls, sequins, or lace.  The gown you’re going for is one with a trendy design, yet still possesses classic elegance.   Flaunt your flawless facial features and hair…and even wear a classy feather headpiece to top off the whole bridal look, Aries style.

Style Icon who shares your sign: Victoria Beckham

Aries seductresses: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon

This article is brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal Shop located in the town of Paramus, NJ – Bergen County. We will help you design the dress of your dreams.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) The Dreamy Princess – Aleana’s Bridal Shop

: Your sign is a true chameleon, embodying a bit of the whole zodiac.  You are an emotive, empathetic, and inspirational old soul, and this applies to all areas of your life.  As a Pisces, you get absorbed into the projects you are passionate about – and get a rush from succeeding at those things.  You enjoy creating art and surrounding yourself with beautiful objects.

 Style: Enchanting Angel…Elegant, Edgy, Free spirited… with an emphasis on function over excessive-styling.  A simple style that is comfortable is preferred by you water element creatures over too tight-fitting, sophisticated ones.  Think: “Sexy Earth Mama Goddess” in flowy fabrics that metaphorically mirror the fluid nature of water.  You have a weak spot for rich materials that feel good to wear, like silk and cashmere, and enjoy pops of color here and there, even if the majority of your clothes are neutral colors.  Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, one never knows which direction your style will take.  Of course, this opens the whole world of fashion to you, depending on the day and your mood.  Go with the flow of what your mood tells you to wear, because you’re at your best when you don’t over-think your outfit…so trust that you are the trendsetter of the entire zodiac…because you truly are.

Your Dream Dress/ Wedding Dress Horoscope:

A Pisces gown should be all-embracing of the bride’s sensitive and compassionate soul.  For you Pisces brides, it’s the stuff of dreams & fairytales: a beautiful ball gown with a poetic bustle and cathedral train, a sweetheart neckline, and a full skirt of taffeta, chiffon or silk organza.   An elaborate, yet refined, romantic gown will do you the justice you desire.   A Grecian-inspired look that is composed of an elegant and modern gown, sheer fabric of the arms, and rich texture on the bust, creates the wondrous illusion you may fancy.

Your wedding dress will be flowing and soft: the kind that is made for dancing, not just standing for pictures.  Ivory and cream will have that earthier vibe that you dig, as opposed to stark white.  Lace and ribbons will give your dress that something special you crave.  Pisces rules the feet, so it is important that you feel lavish in your shoes – perhaps a jeweled stiletto or a gorgeous satin pump.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune, god of the sea.  Like a mythical mermaid, a flowy, feminine princess style with an enchantingly timeless appeal is the gown for you.

Style Icon who shares your sign: Elizabeth Taylor

Pisces seductresses: Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Biel, Rue McClanahan

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