Wedding “Wow“ Him (Part 2)

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Walk down the aisle to a song (with a slow tempo) that tells the story of your relationship.  One that was meaningful when you were dating, or one of your songs that you both share a love for.


I know, I know…I previously said men aren’t as much into words as they are into actions.  But this is a collaboration of both, putting words into the action of public speaking, addressing nobody but him at your wedding.  A sentimental speech he never would expect?  Def. a WOW factor!


You’re a loyal woman, but allow yourself a free pass to be a sneak…and steal your man and whisk him into a secret hide-a-way….

After the vows, you can maybe plan on surprising him with going somewhere alone, just the two of you.  Depending upon the location of course, you can be creative and have the venue set up something accordingly.  A secret garden spot outdoors…or if it’s a Destination Wedding (let’s say in Italy), a boat ride for two.

The guests will be lingering with conversation during the cocktail hour and it’s the perfect time to sneak a romantic, magical moment.


You can send a surprise gift to his house the morning of the wedding…or melt his heart with all the ways he had melted yours from day one…

If you saved all the mush scattered around the house from past birthdays, special occasions, holidays, anniversaries, etc. or tucked them into a safe place out of a sight, bring it back into the open and use it as a gift to give to him in this way: Every love note (letter, card, etc.) can be published into a leather-bound journal with love letters written in a script & fairytale font.  This can be from anything you once gave to him, or those sentiments of which he gave to you, or incorporate both!  You can present this as a gift to him on the wedding day, placing the book on the head table of where you two will be seated.  It doesn’t cost a lot, but the sentiment is priceless.

He put a ring on yours, so put a ring back on his!   Engrave the inside of his wedding band with something completely full of mush, a verse, your wedding dates or something that is sure to make him laugh.  Instead of just presenting the ring itself, an engraved one will give it a personalized touch.  A ring is an empty circle, but an engraved one is a ring much more filled with meaning.

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