Best Couple Activities (Part 1)

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By Jaclyn Ianetti

Couple Chemistry

Cook up the chem between the two of you and keep your electric energy as a power couple pulsing.

Men connect with women when they are physically active in doing something together.  And besides the thing you’re thinking right now (get your mind out of the gutter), there are soo many more ways to bond by keeping busy and active.  Men love activities, and will instinctively feel more connected with you when engaged in an activity together. 

Keep things alive and exciting by mixing it up and breaking out of your molds into experiencing diversity in doing things you may never have even tried before. 

Speaking of cooking up some chemistry…As you flip through your latest Cosmo, (or for the health-conscious girl, Yoga Journal and/or Natural Health Magazine) on the couch at night…cut out some recipes or jot down some recipe-savvy ideas so that you and him could create a new dish together.  Cooking is an extra-sensory experience where all of your five senses are simultaneously engaged. 



Put baskets on your bicycles and do your grocery shopping by cycling together to the food store of your choice.  Refer to the recipes you wish to make and stock up on all ingredients needed.

Cooking can take you many places

*Get fresh ingredients and make smoothies and juices you can make in the morning together.  Better yet, plant your own organic fruit & veggie garden together and pick your daily dose of nutrient-rich foods whenever you feel like it. 

*Make lunch and head out for a picnic for two. 

*Candlelit dinner at home…yogi-bohemian style on the floor next to a fireplace, or fancy with 5-course meal on the dining room table. 


Join a gym, do-at-home exercises, or go mountain-climbing.  A trail through a beautiful reservation in an upscale town.  Whether you’re walking, running, hiking, cycling…you’ll be connecting as a couple through nature and its’ scenery of wonder.

Eat some suggestive snacks.  Munch on aphrodisiacs during your drive home post-workout.  Portable foods reputed to get you in the mood include almonds, peaches, and ginger (if you don’t like raw ginger, try it candied).

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