Possible wedding disasters (part 3)

Read Part 1 and Part 2 first


Watch out for…

Gown issues:  Make sure it comes in on time by not procrastinating in the first place.  Your gown should be the first thing handled during your bridal journey.  What if it doesn’t fit you? – Make sure your not fluctuating weight by staying on a balanced diet/exercise regimen.


Fires and Flies:  Beware of candles…and stay away from those “bar flies” – those intoxicated guests who keep enthusiastically hitting the bar and then making their way over to hug you with their glass in hand-  to avoid alcohol spills on your precious gown!


Wah Wah Wahhh…Babies crying:  People bringing their children to the ceremony, when you sent out invitations instructing guests’ “NO CHILDREN ALLOWED!!!  Can we say…annoying?!?  Make sure everybody understands your sincerity with this wish by clearly stating in conversation your “rule” with those you know who have children before the big day arrives.


Extra guests…with no seating.  There may be some stragglers and wedding crashers, so make sure there are extra chairs at the venue just incase these unruly scavengers come and crash!


Rainstorm.  Of course the weather being bad could be quite devastating, especially if you have an out-door ceremony…but have arrangements made so that the ceremony could easily be brought in-doors.  If you have the reception outdoors, just have an area or patio covered by a tent…and hope that everybody could fit into this spot!    And if the weather really gets out of hand?  Please avoid mud by all costs! (My bridal beg to you!)


Out-of-line Speeches:  The maid of honor and best man may just have had a little too much to drink…and now they confidently take the mic., and deliver a very inappropriate…and embarrassing speech.  All you can do in this case is make sure they know beforehand that you will not tolerate nothing but a classy and respectful speech, and that they will suffer the consequences if they fail to deliver this promise.  Deal?  Deal!  Make this agreement.  And promise one another that they will limit their drinking till after they give their speeches.

Worst Wedding Disaster?…

Being stood up at the alter cannot be argued to being anything else but the worst nightmare imaginable to any bride…and groom!  Cold feet, no groom, and a run-a-way bride?  Sounds like nothing else can top that!

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