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The sounds of wedding bells are just around the corner and while you feel a bit of pressure to look your best on the day of the wedding, every woman lives to experience that special bridal moment once in her life time.

Finding the right wedding gown instantly eliminates this pressure. Bridal gown is a symbol of your unique self; a symbol of self-expression that makes a powerful statement in the physical world about your inner nature.

Choosing the perfect gown is almost as important as choosing the right partner. Aleana’s Bridal invites you to create your custom gown or choose a dress at our exclusive shop located in the heart of Paramus.

We are proud to offer our Wyckoff clients personalized service and the option to select from our “Made in America” collection.

In our store you can find a variety of our novelty silk fabrics, French laces, unique embellishments, exclusive hand embroideries and handmade silk flowers.

Aleana’s Bridal offers a more than convenient production time frame,which is often unheard of in the fashion industry: You can pick up your dress in 3 months, without paying any “rush” order fees! Personal customer service is readily available and even possible during the wedding day. In addition to bridal gowns, we also offer custom gowns for the entire bridal party including Mother of the Bride.

Book your appointment today and we will guide you to choose from our collection or create a wedding dress that is the essence of you. Each appointment will be scheduled for a full hour and half to ensure that you get the attention you need.

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Understand bridal silk fabrics (Part 1)

Silk is a natural fiber that, when spun the right way, can produce some of the most amazing fabrications. Silks are produced by many different kinds of insects. However, it is from moth caterpillars that silk, suitable for manufacturing textiles, comes from. Silk is one of the most treasured types of fabrics available. Silk, without a doubt, delivers a sense of luxury and sophistication. There are many types of silks out on the market. However, there are five in particular that Bridal couture would not be the same without.


Silk satin is a heavier weight silk, yet since silk is natural, you skin can breathe as air and moisture passes through the fabric. Silk satin also has a cooling effect. The fabric doesn’t have the flow that other silks have; therefore it holds shape very well and does not slip. When silk satin is used for the bodice of a gown, it hugs the body beautifully making it very slimming. This fabric is usually used for ball gown style gowns as its natural shine offers a very elegant, royal look making the wearer an instant princess for the day.


Silk chiffon is a beautiful silk commonly used as an overlay rather than the main fabric due to how sheer it is. Chiffon has just the right amount of drape giving an elegant, floating appearance to any gown it is used on. This type of silk’s fine absorbency makes it very comfortable for wear in warm weather, yet its low conductivity keeps warm air close to your skin making it the perfect fabric for all seasons. Iridescent silk chiffon is the ideal bridal fabric. As one walks, the chiffon catches the light instantly making you the center of attention; exactly what every bride wants on her special day.

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Destined to be your Destination… (Part 1)

Destination Weddings

By Jaclyn Ianetti

Destination Wedding: Any wedding in which the engaged couple and/or a majority of their guests travel to attend the ceremony.


A certain and sure way to differentiate yourself in the quest for a perfect wedding is to…close your eyes…pick a spot on the map…and pack up your bags.


Yup, pack them up and jaunt out of town.  If you’re destined to have a destination wedding, the travel bug bites you often as you love to explore different cultures and adventure off into exotic backdrops.  So imagine exchanging vows in a striking setting.  Tempting…isn’t it?


Whether you plan on going for just a few days or a whole month long is completely up to you and your fiancé.  Do you want a big reception or one with more of an intimate vibe?  These are important topics to be considered.


…What makes the destination wedding so wonderful is that you can even stay for your honeymoon, while the rest of your guests travel back home.  A 2-in-1 package deal!  Wedding and honeymoon all in one spot!


Downside to Destination

Planning a destination wedding is a huge undertaking that can contain both pros and cons, whether you’re having an intimate affair or an elaborate gala fit for a queen.  Expenses are what will discourage many couples from pursuing a destination wedding.

One of the downfalls of a destination wedding is that it may be more affordable to the couple, but more expensive to family and friends.  Can all of the people whom you wish to share your wedding day with you…family and dear loved ones…afford to take off work, and still pay the price of airfare, hotel rooms, etc.?  These people who you really wish to be at your wedding…those closest to your heart…might not be able to attend due to price limitations and financial boundaries.


It could also be a challenge to control all aspects such as flowers, music, photography, etc. when you’re out of your zone in a different part of the world.


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Love your body

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Brides by body type: What’s your aisle style?

….And once you thought the mission was accomplished of you being so lucky enough in life in finding the ONE…the one person who suits you so well, your best friend, your soul mate…a sigh of relief is put on hold once more because you need find the OTHER ONE: your perfect wedding dress.

 You may try on four or five gowns, still being unsure of which one you want.  Exhausted and ready to give up for the day, your mother, sister, or best friend (or maybe all three!) will eye-ball one last dress that they beg you to try on.  Reluctantly, yet with grace (because this is all about you!), you give in.  After trying on the gown, you may turn and see your loved ones break down in tears.  Then you turn and look at yourself in the mirror.  Your reflection leaves you awestruck.  You begin to cry…This is it, your moment…you found the one.  It stunningly fits like a glove, and you finally feel like a gorgeous bride!

Sometimes your family & friends can see your strengths and flaws easier than what your own eye is capable of seeing.  Notice how we take notice from a compliment of a stranger?  When someone acknowledges or reassures us of something, an instant rush takes over our bodies.  We are suddenly swollen with a moment of pure happiness and self-confidence.  Let that someone be someone closest to you, and include them in your days of wedding dress shopping.  Their eyes may see something yours miss.

The right clothing to suit our body types, the right or “perfect” wedding gown may not even be in our radar.  We have a certain sense of style instilled in us and that is our taste in fashion that we usually stick to.  This doesn’t mean that we should change our tastes, but to just become more aware of how to choose the proper dress and details that work with us and our bodies.  A dress that fits is a dress closer to perfection.  And don’t we all want to look perfect (our best) on our wedding day?



 Identifying the type of body you have first will help you understand what dress works best for you.  Every bride wants to looks her best on the big day, and by keeping an open-mind by viewing several styles of wedding dresses for your body type can help you choose the most flattering fit for your figure.  Look for a dress that creates a balanced build.  Once you begin to understand what body type you are, it will be easier to concentrate on certain styles that accentuate the shape of your body.

Refer to our simple guide to get started: Rectangular Body shape, Hourglass Body shape, Apple Body shape,  Spoon Body Shape.

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Accentuate your assets during your wedding day

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Make your special day become everything you’ve wished for in finding your Dream Wedding Dress.  Choose a dress that will accentuate your unique assets, taking you down the aisle and onto your own red-carpet runway.  With a few of the simple guidelines mentioned, you can find a wedding dress that will maximize your best qualities and minimize your flaws.  While these general tips can help brides look for dress details that will flatter their figures, keep in mind that there is no “one size fits all” rule for dresses for different body types.  If you love a dress, don’t let the suggestions hold you back.  Go ahead and try it on.  To look your gorgeous best for your wedding day, just remember that the most impressive gown on you will be one that creates balance and puts your best traits forward.


If you’re TALL:  Princess-line dresses, mermaid or trumpet dresses.

If you’re PETITE:  You want to elongate, so avoid too much fabric, mermaid dresses, and big ball gowns.

                                                                                                                                                 Fuller-busted: Bridal corsets.

Corset has been always important article of clothing that has helped shape and achieve the fashions of many centuries. Women used the corset as a mean to shape their bodies into the perfect shape, that achieved by reducing the thickness of the waist.

Modern corsets often feature boning and back lacing that generally mimic a historical style of corsets. Modern corsets also used to slim the body and make it conform to a fashionable silhouette.

Fuller-arms Off-the-shoulder straps, lace tops and sheer fabrics.

 And when you find your perfect fit…A sweet sigh of relief takes over.

Ahhh…You found the other ONE.

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Theme Weddings (Part 4)

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Waikiki, pineapples, fire dancers and hula girls!

No matter where you are, it’s easy to bring Hawaii, or any beach, to your own back yard (or wedding venue!).  This will be for the casual and laid-back bride that wants an exotic, island feel to her wedding.

Suggestive music selection should consist of soothing, pleasing, and relaxing tunes during important parts of the ceremony and reception.

You’ll want to include loose, colorful orchid blossoms or plumeria flowers as apart of your decorations and/or favors.  Silk flowers are also another option, and these will last forever.  You can also float some of these loose orchids in a few punch bowls filled with guava and passion fruit juice placed around the venue.  Consider having a flower piece as a favor for your guests to bring home, along with a tasty treat such as chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  Floating coconut candles and seashells are decorative accents you can add in to the ambiance of the reception room.  Consider a Hawaii-style side dish like fresh pineapple, luau punch, lomi salmon and haupia (a Hawaiian coconut flavored jello dessert) to create an authentic feel to the food being served.
Acknowledging special guests is customary in Hawaii, so giving guests a lei will show acknowledgment towards their presence and importance.  You can get creative in customizing your own leis, and if you choose to make them out of shells, they will look intricate and will last forever as a memento of your wedding.


A Midsummer Night’s Dreamfor you brilliant, dark, literary, sexy Shakespearean lovers!  As dramatic as you wish, set a mysterious mist of an enchanted forest where fairy lights dance to an everlasting tune.  Lilly pads sprinkled with fairy dust floating on a pond amidst the exotic, blooming flowers, hanging vines, and & an entwinement of ribbons.

“I know a bank where the wild thyme grows” — William Shakespeare


Vintage …a wedding full of nostalgiaWalk down memory lane into choosing your own antique look.  With a bohemian feel, this can be a very relaxed atmosphere filled with its‘ own unconventional paradox: laid-back and upbeat…all at once.  Be outside the norm and use eclectic styles from an almost forgotten time in the past.  Change from your ceremony gown into a casual white sundress at the reception and let down your locks wearing a “modern day hippie”  headband made of beautiful flowers around your head.  Your wedding can be a field of free spirits under a candlelit night sky.



For you Disney dreamers and princesses, having a Disney themed wedding would be the perfect fit for you.  There is SO much to choose from with these types of weddings.  Depending upon the characters you love, your favorite Disney location, and many more factors…you can personalize this fairytale wedding to where it syncs up with your own Cinderella wishes.


You can chose to have your Disney destination in Florida, California, Hawaii, or even on-board the Disney Cruise Line.  There are a variety of bridal collections available: The Escape, Wishes, Couture, & Memories Collection…All of which offer a distinctive vision that celebrates your heart’s desire and personal style.  From Cinderella’s Castle to underneath the stars and fireworks in the exotic Epcot’s setting, there are plenty of options, accommodations, and activities based upon your wedding preference.


 – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – –  – – – – – – – –

As you can see, there are SO many wedding themes to play around with!  And I only listed a few of them!…so get in-tune to your own personality and style and do some research as to what wedding theme is the match for YOU on your very special day.

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Wedding gown for Capricorn (Dec 23– Jan 20) The Classic Charm

Personality:  Hello, Ms. Independent!  Capricorns are always steadfast and surefooted and prefer to “go it alone” because they rarely trust others to finish the project.  You really don’t wait around for anyone else to get the job done.  Capricorns live a driven and structured life, taking all responsibilities seriously.  Your sign rules the 10th house of authority and leadership, making you the zodiac’s very own first lady.  Everybody knows they can count on a Capricorn, as you earthy beings are great friends and business partners.

Style: Timeless ClassicBlazing Business Woman.  As corporate climbers, Capricorns have some serious style.  You’re drawn to gray and blacks, blazers and button downs.  A Capricorn talent is mixing business attire with unexpected items – plaid scarves, interesting necklaces, even a fedora, because you have the skill to turn the most basic staple (White House/Black Market/ J. Crew) into an American classic.  You stun in quality pieces that stand the test of time, so it’s better for you to avoid the latest fads.  Your only style alert? With your workaholic nature, it’s easy to label fashion as a luxury or indulgence.  Well, Ms. Ambitious, statistics show that it takes only three seconds for people to form a first impression of you.  Make your mark in stylish, simple clothes that can outlast a long workday but still take you behind the velvet ropes at a glamorous VIP event.

Your Dream Dress/ Wedding Dress HoroscopeCapricorns are typical Earth brides who are grounded in their roots.  They are perfectionists, who strive for a dignified, classic gown.  A structured bodice gown and perfectly cut silhouette will appeal to your elegant tastes and practical sensibilities.   A gown with three-fourth lace sleeves, a deep V-neck and full bottom are just a few of the aspects that make up the precious gown you aspire for.  Any additional pieces should be carefully considered.  Earth brides are very particular about what accents they choose to wear.  Pair your gown with a simple elbow or fingertip-length veil, a single strand of pearls, and some beautiful sling back shoes.  Or simply highlight your decolletage with an heirloom pendant and you’re ready to wed.  All Earth brides like a face that’s natural with a tiny touch of drama.  Splurge on a makeup artist and hair stylist to work your wishes for an authentic appeal that especially shows off your sound beauty of bone structure, skin, and teeth.

Style icon who shares your sign:  January Jones

Cappie seductresses: Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Mary J. Blige, Michelle Obama

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Wedding gown for Sagittarius (Nov 23– Dec 22) The Free Spirit

Personality:  As a Sagittarius, you’re one of the wanderers of the zodiac – you’re on an endless odyssey to find the meaning of life.  You’re an adventurer and truth-seeker.  Above all else, you value freedom.  Your thrilling, nomadic lifestyle means you have no shortage of stories and make a great entertainer.  People value your company because you tend to be the “ice breaker” of any uncomfortable situation.  You’re class clown vibes comfort others, loosening everybody up.  Lighthearted and lovable, you are the person who is missed when not present at a party.

StyleGirl on the Go…Unfussy Sagittarius is the sign of the traveler, and you need style that’s as on-the-go as you are.  You’re a free spirit and your clothes are sensibly chic.  It’s all about layers – pullovers, leg warmers, and flannels paired with comfy jeans and leggings for you.  Since you never know where you’ll end up, your wardrobe is best when it is versatile, comfortable and easy to maintain.  You prize your individuality, so you’re always on the hunt for the perfect, one-of-a-kind item that brings you joy —be it a funky piece of costume jewelry or a handmade dress from an undiscovered boutique.  You hate to feel confined, and since most Sags are curvier on the bottom, it can take work to find clothes that are both comfortable and flattering.  What suits you best?  A mixtures of basics blending in your own unique pizzazz.

Your Dream Dress/ Wedding Dress Horoscope:  Renew your passport – if anyone’s a destination bride, it’s you.  You’ll need a beachy wedding gown that’s a breeze to pack.  Two concerns for a Sagittarius bride are finding a dress that allows her to move freely and is made of natural, comfortable fibers.  You want to look good, but must be unencumbered as well.  Pick a dress that allows you to move around freely without having to worry about it wearing you.  A tight lace-up bodice or too many undergarments will drive you crazy all day.  You will love a dress that is adorable, not too restricting, and made of versatility.  Be comfortable and pretty at your wedding, but remember to consider the time of year you are planning your wedding as your legs, arms and shoulders will all be exposed, free-natured Sagi!  The goddess gown was made for you Sagittarius…leave your hair free and flowing.

Style icon who shares your sign:  Scarlett Johansson

Sagi seductresses: Katie Holmes, Christina Applegate, Nelly Furtado, Miley Cyrus

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