Understand bridal silk fabrics (Part 1)

Silk is a natural fiber that, when spun the right way, can produce some of the most amazing fabrications. Silks are produced by many different kinds of insects. However, it is from moth caterpillars that silk, suitable for manufacturing textiles, comes from. Silk is one of the most treasured types of fabrics available. Silk, without a doubt, delivers a sense of luxury and sophistication. There are many types of silks out on the market. However, there are five in particular that Bridal couture would not be the same without.


Silk satin is a heavier weight silk, yet since silk is natural, you skin can breathe as air and moisture passes through the fabric. Silk satin also has a cooling effect. The fabric doesn’t have the flow that other silks have; therefore it holds shape very well and does not slip. When silk satin is used for the bodice of a gown, it hugs the body beautifully making it very slimming. This fabric is usually used for ball gown style gowns as its natural shine offers a very elegant, royal look making the wearer an instant princess for the day.


Silk chiffon is a beautiful silk commonly used as an overlay rather than the main fabric due to how sheer it is. Chiffon has just the right amount of drape giving an elegant, floating appearance to any gown it is used on. This type of silk’s fine absorbency makes it very comfortable for wear in warm weather, yet its low conductivity keeps warm air close to your skin making it the perfect fabric for all seasons. Iridescent silk chiffon is the ideal bridal fabric. As one walks, the chiffon catches the light instantly making you the center of attention; exactly what every bride wants on her special day.

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