How to have a Winter Wedding (Part 3)

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Candles create a natural glow, but sometimes this isn’t always enough to keeping the ambiance well lit.  Consequently, you should consider lamps or spotlights decoratively & tastefully placed at each table.  You won’t want anyone tripping over them selves, unable to see the guestbook to sign it…and most importantly, you’ll want your photos to look their best…and this won’t be done in the dark!


 Winter warm…& Fuzzies

Make wedding guests feel comfortable indoors and out…from before they even arrive until long into the night.  Offer warm transportation for them from the airport or hotel to your venue.  Make sure your venue location is accessible even if the weather turns bad and has good ventilation to keep the room warm (not stuffy!).  That intimacy and warmth you create in your space should extend to the outdoors, as well.  Provide portable heaters to go outside for those who want to escape for a breath of fresh air, check out the landscape, and/or for smokers.  You can even take it generously further by providing blankets by the doors to take for those who are heading outside.


Cappuccino or Hot Chocolate Bar:  Create a bar with a warm, cute touch…including delicious cookies, hot cocoa, cappuccino, & other hot drinks for either the whole night, or just as a late-night station.  This is a great alternative (and money saver) as it alleviates stress on the actual liquor bar!  If you did your job making guests feel warm enough, they won’t be inclined to become dependent on the booze buzz for the rush of warmth they get on a cold, tavern night at the bar back home.

Heated Menu Not literally…but consider cold-weather friendly foods and comforting dishes to serve on your wedding menu: meats or fish like a baked tilapia, minestrone or fennel potato leek soup, sweet potatoes, and pureed parsnips.


Winter-wonderland Wardrobe

You might want to consider having a wedding dress that will keep you warm with silk satin or a just heavier fabric in general, one with thick-laced sleeves, or a high collar.  You can always ditch the white dress for a stand-out color: blush pink, bold red, icy blue, or slick silver, which will look lusciously lovely against a white, snowy backdrop.

Winter Glam Glow: The bright lighting of winter accentuates dark circles and puffy eyes, while the weather dries out skin.  Keep your skin especially moisturized in the days leading up to the wedding.  For makeup, use warm and glowing hues, an under-eye concealer & highlighter, a highlighter for your cheekbones and under eyebrow arches, and use a hint of shimmer in your eye makeup.

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How to shop for a wedding dress (Part 1)

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By Jaclyn Ianetti

This is more so about being prepared for your bridal fittings and what to bring along with you…the tangible and the intangible…so your overall experience on the hunt for a dress is less stressful.


What to bring to bridal fittings:

*First of, you should wear something comfortable that you can easily slip in to and out of, so avoid outfits with obstinate details, buttons, or zips.   A stretchy maxi dress and ballet flats is an appropriate go-to outfit to wear to fittings.  No hoodies/sweatshirts…you’ll be hot pulling those on and off.  A light jacket with an easy zipper to swing off you is more like it.

*Wearing modest underwear is a must…seam free with a strapless bra.   Some of the dresses will look best with a strapless or no bra.  Think about what type of underwear you will be wearing under your dress the day of your wedding…maybe bringing a nude color or something similarly simple to really get the feel of the entire look as you explore your options.


*Your very own bridal glass slipper….SHOES Of course, it doesn’t have to be a “glass” slipper, but you’re going to want a new, special pair for the very special occasion.  Bridal shops will have shoes you can try on with the dresses just to get the feel for it, but if you don’t want to share shoes with the other brides roaming the aisles in the stores then bring your own pair along with you…to set the tone for your unique stroll down your very own aisle once the big day arrives.

– Color doesn’t necessarily matter for fittings, as most bridal stores will provide you with a basic white satin shoe if you do need to get an idea of how your dress will look with an appropriate heel.  You can always go without a heel, of course…it’s completely up to you and what your style is.  Once you decide on your dress, then you can go about thinking what shoe…style, color, and height…will best fit.

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How to enjoy bridal gown shopping (Part 1)

By Jaclyn Ianetti

 Bridal GownCheck! ✓

Doesn’t that look…and sound…a whole lot like how a “chore” would?  Instead of treating your dress as a chore to be checked off your “To-Do List,” embrace it as an experience to be enjoyed.  After all, your dress is the one thing that shouldn’t feel like a job hunt on your bridal journey in preparing for your wedding.

You want to enjoy your bridal dress shopping experience.  When you love what you’re doing, it won’t feel like work (as this same rule applies to many situations in life).

To make this into one of the most pleasurable experiences of your lifetime… instead of painful, dreadful, and drawing tear drops down your eyes…get your mind in the right place first.


*When we’re rushing…especially with shopping…we will just buy anything for the sake of getting it done and checking off that “To-do” list.  Think of when you rush to the mall to buy a last minute gift for somebody you love.  It proposes more of a risk in buying just about anything at all, just to have something, whether personal or meaningful or not.  This is where the sincerity loses touch…and you want to know why?  Because you’re not in the present moment!  When you’re fully in the present moment, you’re more in touch with yourself as well as with others.  And you need to be FULLY in touch with yourself to attract what best suits you.   So keep that in mind as you focus on the journey of finding your perfect dress.  Mantra: “It’s the journey, not the destination.”


CREATE A BRIDAL VISION BOARD!! : Your wants and wishes

This helps put all your visions into perspective…your styles, your common themes, etc. into finding the core of style you are mostly leaning towards.  First off, think about what you want, and what you wish to look like.  Spend some time really considering and contemplating over all your options and strategically scan the bridal magazines.  Tear or print out the gowns you absolutely LOVE, and soon enough, your true style will stand out…and hopefully even a specific designer!

This vision board is designed to help you manifest your visions and creations, thus making your shopping experience easier because you will have a better clue as to what you truly want once you connect the dots to see a common theme.

Style the board first…then you can style the aisle in your most beloved dress.

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Wedding “Wow“ Him (Part 3)

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Since food is the way to a mans heart, why not include some of his favorite munchies at the wedding?  If he’s a guy who loves his snacks, and hamburgers & hotdogs are his type of thing, add them in for cocktail hour.  If you have foods like this during cocktail hour, be sure your reception menu is a bit more “upscale.”  If he’s a big breakfast guy, have a midnight lounge and serve breakfast specialties such as mini pancakes and waffles with decorative fruit on top.  If sweets are what makes your man’s eyes light up, do add a dessert with all of his favorite treats…donuts, pastries, etc.

Take a bridal BOW to the WOW you created.

Not only are all the previous ideas, or any of which you creatively come up with on your own, adorable… but he’ll never expect it which is bonus points!

Seating charts, guest favors, and cake flavors are always on a bride’s radar…but these romantic and personal surprises will leave your groom smiling just that much more and kindly remind him that this day is about the two of you, and not those crazy rants about wedding planning or bridezilla moments over which trendy hue you should pick.

 RECAP besides your outer, newer bridal beauty glow, be sure to let your inner bridal beauty shine and surprise him with something sweet.  Glowing from the inside will have you in an everlasting glow on the outside.  All of which makes you simply adorable, and it will remind him how you have truly stolen his heart right from the start…which led to your shared happily ever after

and now you can be a WOW kind of WIFE One who keeps the glow, memories, and emotions of the wedding day alive with the two of you.

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Understand bridal silk fabrics (Part 1)

Silk is a natural fiber that, when spun the right way, can produce some of the most amazing fabrications. Silks are produced by many different kinds of insects. However, it is from moth caterpillars that silk, suitable for manufacturing textiles, comes from. Silk is one of the most treasured types of fabrics available. Silk, without a doubt, delivers a sense of luxury and sophistication. There are many types of silks out on the market. However, there are five in particular that Bridal couture would not be the same without.


Silk satin is a heavier weight silk, yet since silk is natural, you skin can breathe as air and moisture passes through the fabric. Silk satin also has a cooling effect. The fabric doesn’t have the flow that other silks have; therefore it holds shape very well and does not slip. When silk satin is used for the bodice of a gown, it hugs the body beautifully making it very slimming. This fabric is usually used for ball gown style gowns as its natural shine offers a very elegant, royal look making the wearer an instant princess for the day.


Silk chiffon is a beautiful silk commonly used as an overlay rather than the main fabric due to how sheer it is. Chiffon has just the right amount of drape giving an elegant, floating appearance to any gown it is used on. This type of silk’s fine absorbency makes it very comfortable for wear in warm weather, yet its low conductivity keeps warm air close to your skin making it the perfect fabric for all seasons. Iridescent silk chiffon is the ideal bridal fabric. As one walks, the chiffon catches the light instantly making you the center of attention; exactly what every bride wants on her special day.

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Destined to be your Destination… (Part 1)

Destination Weddings

By Jaclyn Ianetti

Destination Wedding: Any wedding in which the engaged couple and/or a majority of their guests travel to attend the ceremony.


A certain and sure way to differentiate yourself in the quest for a perfect wedding is to…close your eyes…pick a spot on the map…and pack up your bags.


Yup, pack them up and jaunt out of town.  If you’re destined to have a destination wedding, the travel bug bites you often as you love to explore different cultures and adventure off into exotic backdrops.  So imagine exchanging vows in a striking setting.  Tempting…isn’t it?


Whether you plan on going for just a few days or a whole month long is completely up to you and your fiancé.  Do you want a big reception or one with more of an intimate vibe?  These are important topics to be considered.


…What makes the destination wedding so wonderful is that you can even stay for your honeymoon, while the rest of your guests travel back home.  A 2-in-1 package deal!  Wedding and honeymoon all in one spot!


Downside to Destination

Planning a destination wedding is a huge undertaking that can contain both pros and cons, whether you’re having an intimate affair or an elaborate gala fit for a queen.  Expenses are what will discourage many couples from pursuing a destination wedding.

One of the downfalls of a destination wedding is that it may be more affordable to the couple, but more expensive to family and friends.  Can all of the people whom you wish to share your wedding day with you…family and dear loved ones…afford to take off work, and still pay the price of airfare, hotel rooms, etc.?  These people who you really wish to be at your wedding…those closest to your heart…might not be able to attend due to price limitations and financial boundaries.


It could also be a challenge to control all aspects such as flowers, music, photography, etc. when you’re out of your zone in a different part of the world.


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