Married Hearts… First Valentine’s Day (Part 2)

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Activities and Ideas

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, couples who just got married, or who have even been married for years, often view it as a holiday for young lovers – those who are dating,

But you, my dear, are newly married…and that is a cause for celebration.  I’m sure you have had your share of dates on V-Day all those years leading up until your marriage.  But that’s no excuse for just exchanging greeting cards and quick pecks on the cheek.  Don’t you dare lose that spark!  Keep those V-Days of the past alive and get creative.


You will want to schedule an intimate evening with your partner.  And this doesn’t need to involve an exotic trip, expensive jewelry, or even a visit to your favorite restaurant…but go ahead and indulge if you’re feeling up to it.


Staying in?  Or headed out?  If you prefer a low-key kind of night as a couple, escape with popping some long or short films focusing on love in the DVD player.  Give yourselves the type of entertainment that will heal your heart and soothe your soul on this heart-warming holiday.


Why not plan a private, fun, and delicious picnic the two of you can enjoy together?  This does require nice, warm weather if you‘re thinking of sitting on the grass…so I guess it depends on what part of the world your love nest resides.  There are plenty of other options, including holding your picnic indoors in your very own house, while still organizing it as if you were going to spend some time outside under the trees.  Break out a special blanket, an insulated wine tote, and other picnic accessories and think about creative ways to fill them.  Make your own appetizers or order food in.   Throw some fancy, fluffy pillows down on the floor by the fireplace…sit on some yoga mats with candles lit around…and even throw in the old-school game of Twister to playfully spice things up.  Include background music, perhaps something from when you first met or the timeframe in which you were dating.  Maybe even include the “first dance” song at your wedding reception.


If you desire an evening out, perhaps  a favorite restaurant, Broadway play, or concert of choice will be some options.  If you’re a young-at-heart type, embrace the inner-child out and go out clubbing, bar-hopping, or to your favorite karaoke spot.  Bring your glow ring pops out with you and light up the dance floor at your favorite DJ’s weekend event.

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Married Hearts… First Valentine’s Day (Part 3)

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As a newlywed couple, make a point to bring more cerebral activity into your bond whether your staying on the couch…or hopping in the car for a night out.  Pop a documentary into the DVD player instead of watching mindless fluff or go to a lecture or self-development workshop or other thought-(and conversation-) provoking event that is uplifting, positive, and spiritual.  Discover your amour in a new light by engaging in something different, and captivating.

The first year being married on special occasions is a stellar time for hanging out in a group setting, which will also enrich your bond.  Watching everyone from each entourage mix will be a refreshing experience.  A kindred spirit vibe is bound to emerge!  How about co-hosting a game night or casual dinner party to bring everyone together?  Or get out and join a winter league of co-ed sports.  The couple that plays together, stays together…as the old adage goes.


Just make your number 1 priority to enjoy your evening, whether in private or in public, and take some time to think about setting the mood and you’ll no doubt have a memorable time together and even create a new tradition of which you can repeat in the future on holidays, special occasions, and perhaps on another Valentine’s Day.


ALARM!  AVOID TIP :  And no swinging bats at heart piñatas !…it’s only your first year married!  Save the tantrums, if you must have them, for your later years!  (Kidding.  Ditch the tantrums, your mature and married now, right?)


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This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal Shop located in the town of Paramus, NJ – Bergen County. Bridal shop that will help you design the dress of your dreams.

Married Hearts… First Valentine’s Day (Part 4)

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Besides the usual….Red roses, lush bouquets of flowers, teddy bears, chocolates, candies, candles, gourmet gifts, champagne, jewelry, lingerie (for you), silky boxers (for him)…Here are some romantic gestures for you to give to your guy-for-life:


*Send him a wild flowered bouquet with a personalized note attached.

*Make him breakfast in bed along with some red roses.

*Prepare his favorite dessert and surprise him.

*Make a calendar with pictures of the two of you together.

*Stick some love-notes all over the house at different places for him.

*Purchase front row tickets to watch his favorite sport live.

*Lay down on his chest and hug him like you would never give him away for anything in the entire world.

 ( Idea found on pin interest )


Take 12 large envelopes … on each one, write the month, so start with February, next March, and so on until you reach next January (2014).
In each envelope you will put a date night in it…whether it’s a nice candle-lit dinner at home, or movies…or something you know he’s always wanted to do or go to…if you decide movies, go get a gift card and stick it into the envelope.  Each date you decide on, write a letter as to why you decided to go with that date for that specific month.  For instance, gift cards for 2 ski passes to go in March would be ideal.  Cover the expenses as much as you can, so at least 1 thing in each envelope is already paid for.  You can even stick a menu from a restaurant (if you got restaurant gift cards) or if you have concert tickets, stick a mixed tape of the group’s greatest hits…brochures for an art exhibit or vacation…etc…(you get the picture)…just to give it some extra excitement.


On the 1st of the each month, open up the envelope together.  Let him read it and then look at a calendar together and decide which day that month you will plan that date night…or day.  This way, it ensures that each month you will be spending time together and doing something special.

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Go further into the arms of love by melting into his

…In honor of your first wedded Valentine’s Day,  keep that heart pitter patter-ing! Bring back that old-school, first-falling in love feeling with a classic 90’s movie such as Empire Records.  Skip the movie and just go imitate Liv Tyler’s character in the last scene: let your soul mate drag your weak knees and feet in a sweeping motion on a rooftop…dancing and kissing playfully…blasting a soundtrack by Gin Blossoms, whose sound is reminiscent of discovering you have a crush on your high school sweetheart, and whose music echoes the butterflies pouncing around in your stomach.


When somebody makes your heart pitter patter, they are the one for you. 


Love is friendship set on fire. 


Happily Ever After Never Will End

When you share your life with your Best Friend.


ONCE you believe your life is a fairytale…that is when “ONCE upon a time…” begins.

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Theme Weddings (Part 4)


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Waikiki, pineapples, fire dancers and hula girls!

No matter where you are, it’s easy to bring Hawaii, or any beach, to your own back yard (or wedding venue!).  This will be for the casual and laid-back bride that wants an exotic, island feel to her wedding.

Suggestive music selection should consist of soothing, pleasing, and relaxing tunes during important parts of the ceremony and reception.

You’ll want to include loose, colorful orchid blossoms or plumeria flowers as apart of your decorations and/or favors.  Silk flowers are also another option, and these will last forever.  You can also float some of these loose orchids in a few punch bowls filled with guava and passion fruit juice placed around the venue.  Consider having a flower piece as a favor for your guests to bring home, along with a tasty treat such as chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  Floating coconut candles and seashells are decorative accents you can add in to the ambiance of the reception room.  Consider a Hawaii-style side dish like fresh pineapple, luau punch, lomi salmon and haupia (a Hawaiian coconut flavored jello dessert) to create an authentic feel to the food being served.
Acknowledging special guests is customary in Hawaii, so giving guests a lei will show acknowledgment towards their presence and importance.  You can get creative in customizing your own leis, and if you choose to make them out of shells, they will look intricate and will last forever as a memento of your wedding.


A Midsummer Night’s Dreamfor you brilliant, dark, literary, sexy Shakespearean lovers!  As dramatic as you wish, set a mysterious mist of an enchanted forest where fairy lights dance to an everlasting tune.  Lilly pads sprinkled with fairy dust floating on a pond amidst the exotic, blooming flowers, hanging vines, and & an entwinement of ribbons.

“I know a bank where the wild thyme grows” — William Shakespeare


Vintage …a wedding full of nostalgiaWalk down memory lane into choosing your own antique look.  With a bohemian feel, this can be a very relaxed atmosphere filled with its‘ own unconventional paradox: laid-back and upbeat…all at once.  Be outside the norm and use eclectic styles from an almost forgotten time in the past.  Change from your ceremony gown into a casual white sundress at the reception and let down your locks wearing a “modern day hippie”  headband made of beautiful flowers around your head.  Your wedding can be a field of free spirits under a candlelit night sky.



For you Disney dreamers and princesses, having a Disney themed wedding would be the perfect fit for you.  There is SO much to choose from with these types of weddings.  Depending upon the characters you love, your favorite Disney location, and many more factors…you can personalize this fairytale wedding to where it syncs up with your own Cinderella wishes.


You can chose to have your Disney destination in Florida, California, Hawaii, or even on-board the Disney Cruise Line.  There are a variety of bridal collections available: The Escape, Wishes, Couture, & Memories Collection…All of which offer a distinctive vision that celebrates your heart’s desire and personal style.  From Cinderella’s Castle to underneath the stars and fireworks in the exotic Epcot’s setting, there are plenty of options, accommodations, and activities based upon your wedding preference.



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As you can see, there are SO many wedding themes to play around with!  And I only listed a few of them!…so get in-tune to your own personality and style and do some research as to what wedding theme is the match for YOU on your very special day.

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Bride’s wish list (part 1)

 By Jaclyn Ianetti


“Honor, riches, marriage-blessing
Long continuance, and increasing,
Hourly joys be still upon you!”
– William Shakespeare


You found the man of your dreams…the dress of your dreams…had the wedding of your dreams.  Now what about the future of your dreams?


Before you start dreaming up future plans, first give out gratitude to the universe for bringing you the things that bring you love & happiness, right here in the “here and now.”  There is a measurable benefit to counting your blessings and looking on the bright side.  Doing this will be sure to bring you more of your wishes, hopes and dreams to be realized soon in the future! Studies have been done to prove that people are genuinely happier when showing gratitude.  So remember that a happy energy and positive outlook attracts positive outcomes!


Wedding day planning has brought you much stress, I’m sure, but give thanks for how wonderful it all turned out to be.  “Thank you power” can actually undo the effects of stress that has took its’ toll on you.  And aren’t you thankful for all the beauty the wedding day and the days that led up to it, like the first time you ever met your husband, has brought into your life?


Write down the moments that are good in your life and the ones you have recently experienced leading up to your wedding so that you can go back and reflect on them.  This can be your little treasure book that holds your happiness…something that you can stare dreamily at each time you visit.  It’s a golden repository of all the good stuff from your past that gives you the ability to recognize the small, everyday things that make you happy.  Happiness and “thank you power” aren’t about material objects, but rather the moments in your life that have made you feel that life is good.


Whispers of your Heart

Give thanks… to God, your angels, and the universe…for coming together to bring you love in the form of human love.  Whether you endured struggles and hardships along the way, a romantic relationship is what satisfies your heart.  Your heart received the affection of another person, and your heart is now complete.


Give thanks…for Free will.  Free will is the key ingredient to true love.  True love cannot exist without a choice: If you were forced to love a person, then love would disappear, and you would be under manipulation.  Your free will matched up perfectly with somebody else’s free will.  You & your husband have a will that crossed paths and shared its’ desires freely, locking at a center point of reciprocating love.


Give thanks…for an intimate relationship that developed because of your choice and free will, in spite of all the other opportunities that you could have chosen that would have misled you down the wrong path to love.


Give thanksfor a passionate romance Your channels are unblocked to allow love to flow freely in to enhance your life.  Your earthly relationship with your husband is the avenue of expressing and receiving love


Give thanksfor the life of promise you are now living.  A promise of unconditional love and acceptance that you and your spouse share together, which is the ultimate treasure above all other things in life.


Grace and remembrance be to you both.”
– William Shakespeare

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Theme Weddings (Part 1)

By Jaclyn Ianetti

 Your wedding day is as special and unique as you are.  Everything about it should reflect your individuality, especially your ceremony and the reception.

First, plan your theme according to your ceremony and reception site.  Figure out what they both have to offer.  Does the hotel include ballrooms, bridal suite, and more?  Is there an outside party area?  Is it more of a casual, formal, or intimate setting?


*Ceremony site / Reception site

*Outside party area

*Bridal Suite



*Country Club

*Water side





Here’s a list of just a few ideas to engage with in choosing a theme for your own wedding…and you can always expand on the ideas to make one fit just for you.

*Double Wedding:  A single ceremony where two affiliated couples rendezvous for two separate weddings.  Are you one for sharing your ONE special day?  Be positive that all will be smooth if you do decide to book a double, and don’t let it turn into a scene from the movie “Bride Wars,” as Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson’s characters go from best friends to bride enemies at the same venue!…SCARY!


Weekend wedding A wedding in which couples and their guests celebrate over the course of a weekend.  Lodging is usually at the same facility as the wedding.


Military wedding: A ceremony conducted in a military chapel.


Civil wedding A ceremony presided over by a local civil authority, such as an elected or appointed judge, justice of the peace, or the mayor of a locality.


Let’s get creative with our list of fun & festive themes:


*Mardi Gras…for the PARTY bride!: beads, glow in the dark jewelry, Cajun food such as jambalaya & boiled shrimp…all spicy suggestions to serve in this New Orleans inspired theme.


*Masquerade Ball…for you costume lovers!  Decorated masks, jester dolls, and the primary colors of green, gold, & purple can be combined into this wedding.


*Winter Wonderland…Snow/Ice Queens!  Create a world of wondrous enchantment by using reflections of silver & gold…sparkle & shine…accented by a simple & sophisticated color scheme of pure white.


*Western Wedding…Grab your partner dosey-doe?  Cowboy hats and horseshoes…Add some country flair with an authentic cowboy atmosphere.

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Cancer (June 22– July 23) The Soul Sister – Aleana’s Bridal Shop

You are more loyal than a golden retriever, and more nurturing than Mother Goose.  Cancer rules “women,” so you are the zodiac’s “soul sister.”  You connect with all the women in your life in such a profound way that you are like “Mother Nature,” but in tangible form, and are the best friend to all of your pals.  The Cancer sign is covered in contradictions.  You’re willful and independent when it comes to your professional/public life, such as your career, and you lean heavily on family and friends when it comes to emotional support.  As a water sign, you’re deeply in-tune with your feelings.  You’re an intuitive old-soul with charming character.

Style: Old Fashioned FemininityVive la femme…Vintage Vixen.

Cancer is the sign of femininity, yet like a shy little Crab, you can be a bit self-conscious about your womanly body.  Your true beauty emerges when you veer toward body-conscious styles that flatter your curves, rather than hide or exaggerate them.  Old-fashioned glamour (think: 1940s era) looks fresh and timeless on you.  Cancers are one of the girliest girls around and love anything lace.  You love to dress up and be appreciated for your effort.  Cancer women don’t fret over uncomfortable fabrics or styles but rather look their best in floral motifs or a fitted bodice.  You’re a parading paradox: As a teenager, you were most likely to pair a prom dress with sneakers or pencil skirt with a tee-shirt.  Your natural sensitivity to color and style can make you an amazing dresser, with a great eye for bargains and vintage treasures.


Your Dream Dress/ Wedding Dress Horoscope:
Part of you longs for a flowing beach dress; the other part yearns for a formal frock.  You’ll find the amazing in-between: a gown that flawlessly marries classic glamour with spunky and carefree.   Avoid the overly embellished and opt for a stunning, satin-organza frock that flatters every curve.  Your sign rules the chest, so a gown that skims the figure without revealing too much flesh is most flattering and will keep your cups from overflowing!  Your dream dress will be made of lace, floral embellishments around the waist, a full train, and dainty straps.  The lovely gown will scream with glamour and femininity…and it will be one that cannot be carried better by anyone else but you.


Style icon who shares your sign: Princess Diana

Cancer Seductresses: Jessica Simpson, Khloe Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan,Selma Blair

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Gemini (May 22 – June 21) Miss Pretty, Playful Personality – Aleana’s Bridal Shop

Gemini’s are most well-known for having dual personalities, jack-rabbit energy, and the gift of communication (translation? Chatty Cathy!).  You’re precocious, knowledgeable, and quick to dole out witty one-liners.  “Wall flower” and “shrinking violet” are terms that can never apply to the Gemini: you’re effervescent and surrounded at parties.  The centerpiece of every event is you.  Others are drawn to your bubbly nature as you have the ability to turn the most mundane occasion into a sparkling affair.


StyleStyle-schizophrenia… Mix and Match Mistress…one day you’re Jackie O…the next, Lady Gaga.  You swing from one extreme to the next and aren’t afraid to take the occasional fashion leap of faith.  As the sign of the Twins, you’re all about variety and keeping people guessing.  One day, you couldn’t care less about fashion, slipping into sporty cargo pants and a tank top.  The next day, your “alter ego” takes over, sending you out in a colorful concoction that turns heads and makes jaws drop.  You’re an impulse shopper whose mind changes constantly and your fashion choices largely depend on your mood, but all and all, you’re flirty and playful.


Your Dream Dress/ Wedding Dress Horoscope:
Pay careful attention to what “personality” you’re feeling the day you go wedding dress shopping.  Because of Gemini’s dual personality, any style dress works.  And since you’re the “no fuss” kind of bride, you are happy with anything figure flattering and comfortable.  The simplicity of a dress accompanied by flowy fabrics would be a perfect match for a Gemini.   A knee-length bridal gown with a bubble skirt is the ideal dress for the Gemini: eye-catching yet not over-the-top.  A simple, striking gown that is everything but restricting is ultimately what you want; and a soft flow of fabric allows for graceful movement, just what you crave.  An involved detail in the middle of the busts calls for just the right amount of attention.  Your best features are the arms, hands, and torso, so emphasize this with a sleeveless dress, gorgeous lace gloves, or a cinch at the waist to show off that trim torso.  Adorn your wedding day hair style with a single, beauteous gardenia.

Style Icon who shares your sign: Marilyn Monroe

Gemini seductresses:  Natalie Portman, Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Courtney Cox

This article is brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal Shop located in the town of Paramus, NJ – Bergen County. We will help you design the dress of your dreams.