Understand bridal silk fabrics (Part 2)

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Silk taffeta is a flat fabric and has a distinctive silken rustle. It barely wrinkles and had great recovery. Taffeta is similar to satin as it holds shape very well and it hugs the body nicely. However, taffeta is more lightweight. This fabric is not intended for gown where a flowing effect is desired due to its stiffness making it ideal for “poufy” gowns such as ball gown style. Taffeta has a natural shine and is great for embroidering which together, produces exceptional results.



One of the most elegant silk fabrics is silk charmeuse. The stunning shine in which it has is breathtaking. It has been said that “silk charmeuse fabric is the textile equivalent of dipping ones’ hand into a running river: smooth, sensual, and free-flowing.” The stunning flow is a result of the fabric being cut on a bias during production. Because charmeuse is very lightweight, it doesn’t hold shape. This along with its intense shine doesn’t make charmeuse the ideal fabric for anyone looking to mask bodily imperfections; the shine, in fact would highlight them. However, there is no denying the beauty in this silk. “If there were competitions among fabrics, silk charmeuse would win the gold medal in every event.”


Silk 4 ply woven crepe fabric is a premium silk. This type of silk is usually used along with a different contrasting fabric, such as lace, to make it pop. This silk has a smooth, flat surface yet is a bit textured.  As far as weight goes, 4ply silk crepe is in the middle. It isn’t exactly light and sheer like chiffon, but it isn’t as heavy as silk satin. This silk still retains drape and shine to an extent while giving garments a fuller look and holding shape. 4ply silk is ideal for “a” line gowns.


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Destined to be your Destination… (Part 1)

Destination Weddings

By Jaclyn Ianetti

Destination Wedding: Any wedding in which the engaged couple and/or a majority of their guests travel to attend the ceremony.


A certain and sure way to differentiate yourself in the quest for a perfect wedding is to…close your eyes…pick a spot on the map…and pack up your bags.


Yup, pack them up and jaunt out of town.  If you’re destined to have a destination wedding, the travel bug bites you often as you love to explore different cultures and adventure off into exotic backdrops.  So imagine exchanging vows in a striking setting.  Tempting…isn’t it?


Whether you plan on going for just a few days or a whole month long is completely up to you and your fiancé.  Do you want a big reception or one with more of an intimate vibe?  These are important topics to be considered.


…What makes the destination wedding so wonderful is that you can even stay for your honeymoon, while the rest of your guests travel back home.  A 2-in-1 package deal!  Wedding and honeymoon all in one spot!


Downside to Destination

Planning a destination wedding is a huge undertaking that can contain both pros and cons, whether you’re having an intimate affair or an elaborate gala fit for a queen.  Expenses are what will discourage many couples from pursuing a destination wedding.

One of the downfalls of a destination wedding is that it may be more affordable to the couple, but more expensive to family and friends.  Can all of the people whom you wish to share your wedding day with you…family and dear loved ones…afford to take off work, and still pay the price of airfare, hotel rooms, etc.?  These people who you really wish to be at your wedding…those closest to your heart…might not be able to attend due to price limitations and financial boundaries.


It could also be a challenge to control all aspects such as flowers, music, photography, etc. when you’re out of your zone in a different part of the world.


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Love your body

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Brides by body type: What’s your aisle style?

….And once you thought the mission was accomplished of you being so lucky enough in life in finding the ONE…the one person who suits you so well, your best friend, your soul mate…a sigh of relief is put on hold once more because you need find the OTHER ONE: your perfect wedding dress.

 You may try on four or five gowns, still being unsure of which one you want.  Exhausted and ready to give up for the day, your mother, sister, or best friend (or maybe all three!) will eye-ball one last dress that they beg you to try on.  Reluctantly, yet with grace (because this is all about you!), you give in.  After trying on the gown, you may turn and see your loved ones break down in tears.  Then you turn and look at yourself in the mirror.  Your reflection leaves you awestruck.  You begin to cry…This is it, your moment…you found the one.  It stunningly fits like a glove, and you finally feel like a gorgeous bride!

Sometimes your family & friends can see your strengths and flaws easier than what your own eye is capable of seeing.  Notice how we take notice from a compliment of a stranger?  When someone acknowledges or reassures us of something, an instant rush takes over our bodies.  We are suddenly swollen with a moment of pure happiness and self-confidence.  Let that someone be someone closest to you, and include them in your days of wedding dress shopping.  Their eyes may see something yours miss.

The right clothing to suit our body types, the right or “perfect” wedding gown may not even be in our radar.  We have a certain sense of style instilled in us and that is our taste in fashion that we usually stick to.  This doesn’t mean that we should change our tastes, but to just become more aware of how to choose the proper dress and details that work with us and our bodies.  A dress that fits is a dress closer to perfection.  And don’t we all want to look perfect (our best) on our wedding day?



 Identifying the type of body you have first will help you understand what dress works best for you.  Every bride wants to looks her best on the big day, and by keeping an open-mind by viewing several styles of wedding dresses for your body type can help you choose the most flattering fit for your figure.  Look for a dress that creates a balanced build.  Once you begin to understand what body type you are, it will be easier to concentrate on certain styles that accentuate the shape of your body.

Refer to our simple guide to get started: Rectangular Body shape, Hourglass Body shape, Apple Body shape,  Spoon Body Shape.

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Astrological Wedding Guide (Part 1)

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Cosmic guide to the wedding of every sign’s dream.

By: Jaclyn Ianetti

Just incase someone in YOUR life decides to put a ring on your finger and your suddenly swamped with initial wedding fantasies filling up in your head, this quick guide will give you a glimpse into the visions of your true wedding wishes according to your zodiac sign.  By connecting with the cosmos, you will be more in touch with the overall image of how you want your wedding day to look and turn out just by keeping in mind what matters most to you.  Be sure you know your sun sign as well as your moon & rising signs, which can also help to pull all the pieces together to creating that vision.  This visualization is a sneak peak to your wedding day, as it reflects all of the colors of your imagination…and your imagination will lead you to your truest wedding dreams.  Astrology can help show you what belongs in your mental picture…a first step that beautifies the final outcome of your wedding day.

ARIES (March 21-April 20):  “The Royal Ram

Think Mariah Carey:  Royal, rich, extravagant.  Aries brides want a wedding that is fit for royalty.  Whether it is your first walk down the aisle, or a third trip to the altar, you want the full white bridal affair.  However, there is also a tomboyish aspect to many Aries who would much rather skip those stereotypical trappings.  If you are this type, you might prefer to spend your bridal budget on a trip around the world instead.  Bottom line:  You’re impatient and want a wedding that reflects your individuality without compromising your independent nature.
TAURUS (April 21-May 21):  “The Beautiful Bull

Think Donatella Versace:  Simple sophistication.  Luxury-loving Taurus has refined taste, and your wedding day is a chance to show that off.   Although you can certainly be over-the-top, your wedding will be chic & classy, not tacky.  As an Earth sign, you love an outdoor element.  An outdoor ceremony under a wedding arch, or billowing white tents with chandeliers or floating lanterns and a lavish buffet of gourmet, local food can fulfill your wedding wishes.
GEMINI (May 22-June 21): “The Teasing Twin

Think: Games, jokes, joy & laughter…adventure & adrenaline rushes.  For you, getting married is all about fun.  If your adventurous sign is going to commit, there better be some adrenaline involved.  You’d rather strap on a parachute and say your vows while jumping out of a plane and skipping the traditional altar ceremony.  After the vows, you’ll throw an awesome, informal rooftop party as your reception party…with everyone dancing until dawn.  You might even hop into the DJ booth yourself, or convince your guests to jump fully clothed into the swimming pool, leading the way in your wedding dress!

CANCER (June 22-July 23): “The Crab of Comforts

You’re traditional and sentimental, and weddings are all about family for Cancers.  Female relatives and friends are particularly important to you, and you’ll want to honor your mom, grandma and lifelong best friend (who will undoubtedly be your maid of honor) with personalized segments of the ceremony and party.  Teary-eyed toasts, your mother’s engagement ring (maybe even her dress) and a wedding on the beach all resonate with your sign’s Water element and create the feeling of being comfortable and right at home.  Your biggest hassle will be getting your huge bridal party to agree on a dress color and length that they all like and can agree on.
LEO (July 24-August 23):  “The Loud Lioness

Loud as in …Lights, Camera, and Matrimony!  Your showy sign loves to put on a theatrical production — and your wedding day is the perfect excuse. Choosing an appropriately dramatic venue and dress will be most important to you.  In fact, you may have several outfit changes (a different costume for each “act” is only fitting, right?).  Your main goal is to make sure that there’s “too much” of everything: food, drink, merriment and, of course, romance.  Every poetic word of your vows, every toast, and every glass-clinking kiss should move people to tears.
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Possible wedding disasters (part 2)

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Hair Hassles

If the weather is literally raining on your parade!…don’t fret just yet.  If you know it’s raining, pull your hair back into a ballerina bun and secure with bobby pins or clips before heading out into the rain.  Once you’re inside, shake out your hair and lightly hairspray it.  If the clouds just open up and pour on your perfectly blow-dried hair randomly, take a drop of smoothing serum and gently run it over your hair before using a large curling iron to smooth out the kinks.  Humidity makes curly go frizzy.  To avoid, apply a small drop of shine serum to small hair sections, twist up the locks, then let them drop.  Don’t use too much hairspray either, to avoid “helmet head.”  If you’re a “hair-spray happy” girl and this does happen to you, use oil-blotting papers to tone down the shine and gently place hair where needed and use a mix of a shine serum with a paste.

Manicure Mishaps

Be sure to have the nail polish on hand that is the same shade of your manicure stored in your beauty bag for the day.  Stock a liquid nail adhesive and glue the nail back on (if you have tips).  Dot the polish over the nail, let dry, and file the edges smooth.  To prevent paint-chipped nails and nail breaking, have your bridal party help you put on jewelry clasps.

Makeup Mess…on your Gown

Blotting & Seltzer!!! First, try blotting, then place napkin on the inside of the dress and a seltzer spilled napkin on the outside, and gently dab out the stain.  Treat with a stain-removing pen (like those easy-carrying Tide pens) or try some hot water with plain soap.  If you really got yourself into a mess and can’t possibly get the stain out, ask your photographer to photoshop the stains out of your wedding photos.

Stylist Canceled

If you have a freelance artist coming to you, make sure you both have a contract that states…  “In case of an emergency, you will be provided with another artist at the same price.”  IF you don’t have an agreement like this and you must find your own stylist at the last minute, make sure you have one that you spoke to prior and explained that they will be on-call, if needed.   What if you’re look for the day doesn’t resemble your original artist’s work?  Avoid this by ensuring beforehand that your original artist has concisely written down everything necessary for achieving your desired look, including color choices and placement.  They should always keep information on file at the salon so that if there is a problem, the replacement artist will have solid directions to work with.

No-Show Stylist

If you have a freelance artist coming to you, make sure you both have a contract that states…  “In case of an emergency, you will be provided with another artist at the same price.”  IF you don’t have an agreement like this and you must find your own stylist at the last minute, make sure you have one that you spoke to prior and explained that they will be on-call, if needed.

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Theme Weddings (Part 1)

By Jaclyn Ianetti

 Your wedding day is as special and unique as you are.  Everything about it should reflect your individuality, especially your ceremony and the reception.

First, plan your theme according to your ceremony and reception site.  Figure out what they both have to offer.  Does the hotel include ballrooms, bridal suite, and more?  Is there an outside party area?  Is it more of a casual, formal, or intimate setting?


*Ceremony site / Reception site

*Outside party area

*Bridal Suite



*Country Club

*Water side





Here’s a list of just a few ideas to engage with in choosing a theme for your own wedding…and you can always expand on the ideas to make one fit just for you.

*Double Wedding:  A single ceremony where two affiliated couples rendezvous for two separate weddings.  Are you one for sharing your ONE special day?  Be positive that all will be smooth if you do decide to book a double, and don’t let it turn into a scene from the movie “Bride Wars,” as Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson’s characters go from best friends to bride enemies at the same venue!…SCARY!


Weekend wedding A wedding in which couples and their guests celebrate over the course of a weekend.  Lodging is usually at the same facility as the wedding.


Military wedding: A ceremony conducted in a military chapel.


Civil wedding A ceremony presided over by a local civil authority, such as an elected or appointed judge, justice of the peace, or the mayor of a locality.


Let’s get creative with our list of fun & festive themes:


*Mardi Gras…for the PARTY bride!: beads, glow in the dark jewelry, Cajun food such as jambalaya & boiled shrimp…all spicy suggestions to serve in this New Orleans inspired theme.


*Masquerade Ball…for you costume lovers!  Decorated masks, jester dolls, and the primary colors of green, gold, & purple can be combined into this wedding.


*Winter Wonderland…Snow/Ice Queens!  Create a world of wondrous enchantment by using reflections of silver & gold…sparkle & shine…accented by a simple & sophisticated color scheme of pure white.


*Western Wedding…Grab your partner dosey-doe?  Cowboy hats and horseshoes…Add some country flair with an authentic cowboy atmosphere.


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Pisces (February 19 – March 20) The Dreamy Princess – Aleana’s Bridal Shop

: Your sign is a true chameleon, embodying a bit of the whole zodiac.  You are an emotive, empathetic, and inspirational old soul, and this applies to all areas of your life.  As a Pisces, you get absorbed into the projects you are passionate about – and get a rush from succeeding at those things.  You enjoy creating art and surrounding yourself with beautiful objects.

 Style: Enchanting Angel…Elegant, Edgy, Free spirited… with an emphasis on function over excessive-styling.  A simple style that is comfortable is preferred by you water element creatures over too tight-fitting, sophisticated ones.  Think: “Sexy Earth Mama Goddess” in flowy fabrics that metaphorically mirror the fluid nature of water.  You have a weak spot for rich materials that feel good to wear, like silk and cashmere, and enjoy pops of color here and there, even if the majority of your clothes are neutral colors.  Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, one never knows which direction your style will take.  Of course, this opens the whole world of fashion to you, depending on the day and your mood.  Go with the flow of what your mood tells you to wear, because you’re at your best when you don’t over-think your outfit…so trust that you are the trendsetter of the entire zodiac…because you truly are.

Your Dream Dress/ Wedding Dress Horoscope:

A Pisces gown should be all-embracing of the bride’s sensitive and compassionate soul.  For you Pisces brides, it’s the stuff of dreams & fairytales: a beautiful ball gown with a poetic bustle and cathedral train, a sweetheart neckline, and a full skirt of taffeta, chiffon or silk organza.   An elaborate, yet refined, romantic gown will do you the justice you desire.   A Grecian-inspired look that is composed of an elegant and modern gown, sheer fabric of the arms, and rich texture on the bust, creates the wondrous illusion you may fancy.

Your wedding dress will be flowing and soft: the kind that is made for dancing, not just standing for pictures.  Ivory and cream will have that earthier vibe that you dig, as opposed to stark white.  Lace and ribbons will give your dress that something special you crave.  Pisces rules the feet, so it is important that you feel lavish in your shoes – perhaps a jeweled stiletto or a gorgeous satin pump.  Pisces is ruled by Neptune, god of the sea.  Like a mythical mermaid, a flowy, feminine princess style with an enchantingly timeless appeal is the gown for you.

Style Icon who shares your sign: Elizabeth Taylor

Pisces seductresses: Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Biel, Rue McClanahan

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