How to have a Winter Wedding (Part 3)

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Candles create a natural glow, but sometimes this isn’t always enough to keeping the ambiance well lit.  Consequently, you should consider lamps or spotlights decoratively & tastefully placed at each table.  You won’t want anyone tripping over them selves, unable to see the guestbook to sign it…and most importantly, you’ll want your photos to look their best…and this won’t be done in the dark!


 Winter warm…& Fuzzies

Make wedding guests feel comfortable indoors and out…from before they even arrive until long into the night.  Offer warm transportation for them from the airport or hotel to your venue.  Make sure your venue location is accessible even if the weather turns bad and has good ventilation to keep the room warm (not stuffy!).  That intimacy and warmth you create in your space should extend to the outdoors, as well.  Provide portable heaters to go outside for those who want to escape for a breath of fresh air, check out the landscape, and/or for smokers.  You can even take it generously further by providing blankets by the doors to take for those who are heading outside.


Cappuccino or Hot Chocolate Bar:  Create a bar with a warm, cute touch…including delicious cookies, hot cocoa, cappuccino, & other hot drinks for either the whole night, or just as a late-night station.  This is a great alternative (and money saver) as it alleviates stress on the actual liquor bar!  If you did your job making guests feel warm enough, they won’t be inclined to become dependent on the booze buzz for the rush of warmth they get on a cold, tavern night at the bar back home.

Heated Menu Not literally…but consider cold-weather friendly foods and comforting dishes to serve on your wedding menu: meats or fish like a baked tilapia, minestrone or fennel potato leek soup, sweet potatoes, and pureed parsnips.


Winter-wonderland Wardrobe

You might want to consider having a wedding dress that will keep you warm with silk satin or a just heavier fabric in general, one with thick-laced sleeves, or a high collar.  You can always ditch the white dress for a stand-out color: blush pink, bold red, icy blue, or slick silver, which will look lusciously lovely against a white, snowy backdrop.

Winter Glam Glow: The bright lighting of winter accentuates dark circles and puffy eyes, while the weather dries out skin.  Keep your skin especially moisturized in the days leading up to the wedding.  For makeup, use warm and glowing hues, an under-eye concealer & highlighter, a highlighter for your cheekbones and under eyebrow arches, and use a hint of shimmer in your eye makeup.

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How to enjoy bridal gown shopping (Part 3)

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Make an appointment at a store that catches your eye and heart when you’re ready to try gowns on.  While there’s nothing wrong with popping into a bridal shop, you will have a better opportunity (and experience!) for trying anything on when people are available to assist you through an appointment time.  Bridal shops can get extremely busy on weekends, so if you are able to visit or make an appointment for a weekday then you may well be given more time and better service.

And the drumroll for the dreaded word….da da da….BUDGET.  Your budget is your budget and it’s entirely up to you on where you draw the boundary line for going over or under…but do come up with an estimated amount and make sure your consultant/assistant is aware of your range before she shows you options…and before you fall head over heels for your dream dress to later find out its’ triple than the price you plan on paying!  Some bridal stores will offer the option of installment paying.  So do remember to ask if they offer this service.

Also, keep alternation costs in mind.  The standard size you order will be bigger than you expect…and then altered to fit you perfectly.

Adapt the perspective that this is the one single day in your life that is worth spending for, whether you choose to spend a fortune on your gown or not.  Spending a considerable amount on a dress that you fall in love with is fine…don’t compromise your dreams and wishes… and do this while maintaining a healthy balance between budget ranges in mind.


MONITOR your Mood

To best do this, make sure you are healthy in your mind, body, and spirit.  The quickest way to balance and/or boost your mood, is through nutrition…the foods you eat.  This is so significant…and is definitely not the time to be starving your self on a way-too-strict diet.

And don’t skip meals on the days you go to fittings because you think that will make it easier for you to squeeze into that teeny tiny sample size.  You need to try dresses on at the size you actually are

This is not the time for fainting from malnutrition or dehydration, so bring some snacks and water along with you while you shop.  You will be on your feet for long periods of time in sometimes hot and stuffy environments…so you will need your energy, patience, and cooperation.  Dress shopping can be exhausting…and you don’t want to get grumpy from being hungry or fatigued from not being properly hydrated– this is not the best mood to be in when you’re searching for your dream dress.

See the next article “How to shop for a dress” on what, and who, to bring along with you while you shop to enrich your experience even further. 


How to maintain your manners: Proper wedding etiquette (Part 1)

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By Jaclyn Ianetti


Mi scusi…your manners Excuse yourself from making excuses to any bad manners at a wedding party.  There are no excuses on a day like this.  Everybody should be on their best behavior and adapt the proper social smarts at any formal gathering pertaining to a wedding: Engagement parties, Rehearsal dinners, and cocktail and dinner hours at the actual wedding day and reception.


You don’t need to have a royal bloodline or take etiquette classes to embody common courtesy.

But for those of you who can be quite facetious at times, and/or whose manners slip, this ones for you!


* Let’s start off with addressing our most beloved device we have become so attached to…our cell phones.   Ditch your addiction to technology…at least just for this very evening.  Nothing can be more rude than constantly checking your inbox or replying to your text messages during wedding vow’s.  Just turn them off!!!  Somebody trying to reach you will get sent right to your voicemail, instead of the embarrassment you will face when your obnoxious techno ringtone goes off blaring through the airwaves in the room during the maid of honor or best man’s speech.


Nowadays, people love updating their status to give some kind of validation as to what they are doing in the moment (an insecure habit of delineating a fun outer life, rather than living a rich inner one, if you ask me).  You are a guest, and you should BE at the wedding…not reporting on it.  Be present, and really focus on true communication with the other guests to get the most out of the evening.

*Sit at your assigned table.  This is a well-thought out plan made by the bride and groom, who best understand the dynamics of the various relationships their guests have to one another.  They designed their very own “compatibility chart” as the seating chart. Respect them, and don’t mess with the seating arrangements.  If you’ve never made the acquaintance of some of the people at your table, start off the evening by making introductions.  Personally speaking, I went to a wedding where I knew nobody at my table (besides an old flame, go figure), and I wound up meeting wonderful people and having a ball with them.

Have good manners at your dinner table: saying please and thank you, no interrupting, no taking over the conversations, never talking with your mouth full, etc.

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Bridal shoe statement

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal store, Bergen County, NJ.

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw slipped on her blue Manolo Blahnik pumps in the first Sex and the City movie, the wedding shoe craze erupted and hasn’t died down. Women have been spending almost as much on their wedding shoes as they’ve spent on their dress! Designers such as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Manolo Blahnik are all paving the way for the wedding shoe extravaganza. No longer are brides settling for simple nude or white heels. Instead, many are choosing to add pops of color either matching their bridal party or satisfying the “something blue” tradition. In addition to colors, floral, geometric patterns, stones and feathers are all being used. As brides typically wear long gowns, the shoes are rarely shown. However, having a statement pair allows you to express your personality.

The great thing about investing in an expensive pair of statement shoes is that, unlike your gown, you can wear them over and over again. Use this as an excuse to treat yourself to those designer shoes you always dreamed of owning or even create your own. Custom made shoes have been just as demanded these days as designer pieces. This is the time for you to let your imagination run wild and create something that is uniquely you for your special day. Adding the wedding date and [future] husband’s name to the sole of the shoes has been trending lately for the silly, yet creative purpose of honoring your “sole-mate.” Brides have also been customizing the color of the bottom sole to match their wedding colors. The options are endless and creativity is definitely being promoted in weddings now days.

If heels are not your style, many brides have been seen sporting creative, custom made sneakers. This is your time to have fun. There are no rules saying you have to wear traditional bridal shoes. Have fun and go crazy!

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Bridal Gown Spotlight (Part 1)

By Jaclyn Ianetti

 What makes your bridal gown unique

What sets you apart from all other brides

It’s not about fancy designer labels and price tags.  It’s about taste.  If your dress matches your fashion personality, then it will be sure to speak unique.

Gown Guidance …And always let your CLOSET be your guide

First, you must build on your own everyday look.  Whether you’re a trendsetter or the more laid-back type, go to your closet for some inspiration.  The muse is your closet.  It will help guide you towards a gown that showcases your fashion philosophy.

What’s your style sense

Mod Girl : Less is always more for the cool, modern lady.  Sleek lines, subtle shine, and graphic jewels max out your minimal approach.

 Retro Romantic You’re a 21st-century chick with a vintage vibe.  Plush textures and antique-y accents merge the past with your present.

 Screen Siren Unleash your starlet power with glittering gems, killer heels, and one very red-carpet gown.

 High Maintenance :  For the more extreme types, sparkly baubles/trinkets, blatant bows, and a passion for pink are your fashion faves.  You’re looking forward to the role you were born to play, princess. 

 Changeable Chameleon: Say you’re a little bit of each of the above “labels”…not a problemo.  That just means you’re one edgy chick with too big a personality to settle for being categorized into fitting into just one type of style.  If you embody many layers to your style personality, peel each & every one of them to reveal your whole self and incorporate a bit of everything to really let your colorful personality shine. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, what makes your gown so special

Creativity is the key to really making a unique statement.  Here are some creative suggestions from gown tips, accessories, shoes, and hairstyles…all of which will contribute to the overall portrait of your style, and therefore, giving your gown the ultimate unique boost you dream of….

 . . GOWN. .


If white isn’t your color, who says you have to wear a white bridal gown?   Opt for a gown in your favorite color.  Wedding gowns now come in all sorts of beautiful ones, from bold blues and hot pinks, to greens, golds, and even reds.

If you’re finding it hard to convince your loved ones (your groom or mom) that color is completely appropriate, you might want to consider donning a traditional white wedding gown for your ceremony, then slipping into something in a bold hue for the reception.

There are even several wedding gowns available today that boast two-in-one designs specifically designed for this purpose: short dresses with long, see-through layers on top; two-piece gowns with interchangeable skirt and pant options; and body-skimming sheaths with removable floor-length sheer jackets (the 2-in-1 dress).  It may not be the super short and sexy shift you originally pictured yourself marrying in, but look at it this way: everyone will be happy, and you’ll get to wear two gowns, instead of just one!


If you like the idea of the traditional, plain white dress, you can always add in some color to the details.  There is nothing wrong with replacing some of your dress’ accents with color.

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Destined to be your Destination…(Part 2)

Your Destination Wedding

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Don’t Let


Discourage your

Destiny to your

Dreams !!!



Let’s say your torn between your dreams and wishes with reality for what you envisioned for your wedding….and expenses get in the way.  No big deal.  YOU CAN STILL HAVE IT ALL!!!…


You can get hitched elsewhere in the world and have an intimate reception party afterward at that location…and once you return home, you can have a date planned (whether it’s right after you return, or a while after) and have that huge reception party with all of your family, friends, etc. that you always imagined sharing your special day.


Brainstorm beaches and dream up a destination that fits your fantasy…


….Disney Destination Wedding (Florida or California)

Cruise ships

All Inclusive Island hot spots: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Aruba, Bermuda, Bahamas, Mexico, Costa Rica…you get the picture.

—Nestle in the Caribbean and unwind at a couple’s resort with honeymoon suites filled with heart shaped tubs, champagne, and rose petals patterned throughout the floors in trails leading to the bed…(insert your own imagination here). 

**2013 Hot Spots:  Mexico is said to be the top selling destination for 2013.  Other up-and-coming destinations couples are getting excited about are the Turks and Caicos island, which boasts beautiful beaches (of which are uncrowded…a huge perk!), fabulous family-friendly dining and a range of resorts, such as the Beaches: Turks and Caicos Resort.  Another hot spot is Aruba…with its’ powdery, white sands, sparkling turquoise waters and breezy palms.  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is another destination that tops the lists for 2013.  The city combines beautiful old colonial buildings and architecture with new hotels, resorts and shopping centers.

Resorts and Hidden Gems*:  Top-selling resorts for 2013 include: El Dorado Royale in the Riviera Maya, Mexico; Excellence Riviera Cancun in Riviera Maya, Mexico; Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit in Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit, Mexico; Iberostar Rose Hall Suites in Montego Bay, Jamaica; Sandals Emerald Bay in Great Exuma, Bahamas; Isla Mujeres Palace in Isla Mujeres/Cancun; and the Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa in Tahiti.  *

Resorts that are chic, unique, private and off the beaten path are all the rage for 2013.  All of these properties offer intimacy, privacy, secluded beaches and romance, perfect for weddings and honeymoons.  They’re all-inclusive and offer tremendous value, exceptional service and a variety of fantastic wedding packages.


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Understand bridal silk fabrics (Part 2)

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Silk taffeta is a flat fabric and has a distinctive silken rustle. It barely wrinkles and had great recovery. Taffeta is similar to satin as it holds shape very well and it hugs the body nicely. However, taffeta is more lightweight. This fabric is not intended for gown where a flowing effect is desired due to its stiffness making it ideal for “poufy” gowns such as ball gown style. Taffeta has a natural shine and is great for embroidering which together, produces exceptional results.



One of the most elegant silk fabrics is silk charmeuse. The stunning shine in which it has is breathtaking. It has been said that “silk charmeuse fabric is the textile equivalent of dipping ones’ hand into a running river: smooth, sensual, and free-flowing.” The stunning flow is a result of the fabric being cut on a bias during production. Because charmeuse is very lightweight, it doesn’t hold shape. This along with its intense shine doesn’t make charmeuse the ideal fabric for anyone looking to mask bodily imperfections; the shine, in fact would highlight them. However, there is no denying the beauty in this silk. “If there were competitions among fabrics, silk charmeuse would win the gold medal in every event.”


Silk 4 ply woven crepe fabric is a premium silk. This type of silk is usually used along with a different contrasting fabric, such as lace, to make it pop. This silk has a smooth, flat surface yet is a bit textured.  As far as weight goes, 4ply silk crepe is in the middle. It isn’t exactly light and sheer like chiffon, but it isn’t as heavy as silk satin. This silk still retains drape and shine to an extent while giving garments a fuller look and holding shape. 4ply silk is ideal for “a” line gowns.


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Destined to be your Destination… (Part 1)

Destination Weddings

By Jaclyn Ianetti

Destination Wedding: Any wedding in which the engaged couple and/or a majority of their guests travel to attend the ceremony.


A certain and sure way to differentiate yourself in the quest for a perfect wedding is to…close your eyes…pick a spot on the map…and pack up your bags.


Yup, pack them up and jaunt out of town.  If you’re destined to have a destination wedding, the travel bug bites you often as you love to explore different cultures and adventure off into exotic backdrops.  So imagine exchanging vows in a striking setting.  Tempting…isn’t it?


Whether you plan on going for just a few days or a whole month long is completely up to you and your fiancé.  Do you want a big reception or one with more of an intimate vibe?  These are important topics to be considered.


…What makes the destination wedding so wonderful is that you can even stay for your honeymoon, while the rest of your guests travel back home.  A 2-in-1 package deal!  Wedding and honeymoon all in one spot!


Downside to Destination

Planning a destination wedding is a huge undertaking that can contain both pros and cons, whether you’re having an intimate affair or an elaborate gala fit for a queen.  Expenses are what will discourage many couples from pursuing a destination wedding.

One of the downfalls of a destination wedding is that it may be more affordable to the couple, but more expensive to family and friends.  Can all of the people whom you wish to share your wedding day with you…family and dear loved ones…afford to take off work, and still pay the price of airfare, hotel rooms, etc.?  These people who you really wish to be at your wedding…those closest to your heart…might not be able to attend due to price limitations and financial boundaries.


It could also be a challenge to control all aspects such as flowers, music, photography, etc. when you’re out of your zone in a different part of the world.


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