Wedding with a Friendly Budget

Congrats on your engagement! At such an exciting time in your life and a day you have been dreaming about for years, your happy thoughts and extravagant wedding dreams are interrupted by dollar signs. Between venues, your large family guest list, and the variety of other expenses, weddings tend to become pretty expensive pretty fast. According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in New Jersey is $53,400. But don’t worry, there are so many ways to drop that final bill while still having the celebration of your life just the way you pictured it! Here are just a few tips to help…


First, try to cut down your guest list as much as possible. Yes, I know… the more people, the bigger the party. But you’ve all heard the saying “less is more” and cutting down on just a few people can allocate the money to a different aspect of your wedding day (or even your bridal gown or honeymoon!). Second, go into the planning with a budget and look for venues that accommodate to that number. Venues usually account for about half of your wedding expenses so why not use the resources you have to alleviate that cost. Ask a family member or friend if you can use their backyard or rent a vacation home in the area with outdoor space! You just have to find the right spot for you and your partner. One more tip for you, ladies… DIY. Décor, invitations, favors, and flowers. The list goes on and on with the endless possibilities for ‘do it yourself’.


The last piece of advice we can offer is that the one thing from your wedding that will always be remembered by you, family and guests is your glowing beauty in your wedding gown. Your wedding will be one for the books. Literally. Those pictures you have will last a lifetime and you want to find that bridal dress that will excite you just as much on your 40-year anniversary as it did on your big day. Just these few ideas can help make your budget a little friendlier while still making your wedding day unforgettable!

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A Bride’s Wish List by Aleana’s Bridal Shop

By Jaclyn Ianetti for Aleana’s Bridal, Paramus, NJ

“Honor, riches, marriage-blessing
Long continuance, and increasing,
Hourly joys be still upon you!”
– William Shakespeare

You found the man of your dreams…the dress of your dreams…had the wedding of your dreams. Now what about the future of your dreams?

Before you start dreaming up future plans, first give out gratitude to the universe for bringing you the things that bring you love & happiness, right here in the “here and now.” There is a measurable benefit to counting your blessings and looking on the bright side. Doing this will be sure to bring you more of your wishes, hopes and dreams to be realized soon in the future! Studies have been done to prove that people are genuinely happier when showing gratitude. So remember that a happy energy and positive outlook attracts positive outcomes!

Wedding day planning has brought you much stress, I’m sure, but give thanks for how wonderful it all turned out to be. “Thank you power” can actually undo the effects of stress that has took its’ toll on you. And aren’t you thankful for all the beauty the wedding day and the days that led up to it, like the first time you ever met your husband, has brought into your life?

Write down the moments that are good in your life and the ones you have recently experienced leading up to your wedding so that you can go back and reflect on them. This can be your little treasure book that holds your happiness…something that you can stare dreamily at each time you visit. It’s a golden repository of all the good stuff from your past that gives you the ability to recognize the small, everyday things that make you happy. Happiness and “thank you power” aren’t about material objects, but rather the moments in your life that have made you feel that life is good.

Whispers of your Heart
Give thanks… to God, your angels, and the universe…for coming together to bring you love in the form of human love. Whether you endured struggles and hardships along the way, a romantic relationship is what satisfies your heart. Your heart received the affection of another person, and your heart is now complete.

Give thanks…for Free will. Free will is the key ingredient to true love. True love cannot exist without a choice: If you were forced to love a person, then love would disappear, and you would be under manipulation. Your free will matched up perfectly with somebody else’s free will. You & your husband have a will that crossed paths and shared its’ desires freely, locking at a center point of reciprocating love.

Give thanks…for an intimate relationship that developed because of your choice and free will, in spite of all the other opportunities that you could have chosen that would have misled you down the wrong path to love.

Give thanks…for a passionate romance… Your channels are unblocked to allow love to flow freely in to enhance your life. Your earthly relationship with your husband is the avenue of expressing and receiving love

Give thanks…for the life of promise you are now living. A promise of unconditional love and acceptance that you and your spouse share together, which is the ultimate treasure above all other things in life.

Grace and remembrance be to you both.”
– William Shakespeare

Fall/Winter Bridal Fashion Trends (Part 2)

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Sleeves, especially ¾

  • A beautiful way sleeves have made their mark on the runway this season is with lace. Fitted bodices and lace sleeves offer a stunning, classic look.
  • This sleeve movement is most likely inspired by the amazing gown worn by Kate Middleton. Since then, designers have found plenty of ways to incorporate sleeves into gowns to relieve the industry of the same necklines we’ve seen for years.
  • In addition to sleeves, traditional necklines are being outshined by off the shoulder styles.

Off the Shoulderv  Off the shoulder dresses bring a lot of attention to your neck, creating a very sexy and romantic effect.

  • This style is good for those who wish to conceal their arms, but don’t want long sleeves. The sleeves fall just under the shoulder hiding the perfect amount of arm.
  • The openness of the neck and chest may frighten some, but don’t fret, this is a very appropriate, classy style.



  • Lace has been a bridal staple for decades. It instantly adds glamour and elegance to any garment this is why brides tend to love it.
  • There are many different types of laces with the most popular being Guipure, Alencon, and Chantilly. (Please read our article to get familiar with different types of laces)
  • These laces all have beautiful designs that complement all dress types. The lace can be placed anywhere throughout the dress and will still look stunning.
  • Some dresses this season are made up completely of lace. This seems to be an emerging trend that hopefully will stick around for a while. All-lace gowns are stunning in an A-line or Trumpet silhouette.

Fall/Winter 2013, is a season for reinventing the past in a flirty and romantic way. The 80’s were all about off the shoulder gowns and long slender sleeves. Designers have removed the obvious mistakes in those gowns and have made bridal for this season one of the best so far.

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Fall/Winter Bridal Fashion Trends (Part 1)

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal, your bridal shop in Paramus Bergen County NJ.

Never listen to someone who says all bridal gowns are the same. Yes, silhouettes may be the same, but all gowns have unique qualities and differences and those with embellishments are even more special. Throughout the seasons, the silhouettes remain the same for the most part. What does change is everything else involved in the gown construction and embellishment. Ball gown, mermaid, trumpet, and A-line bridal dresses styles are constantly being reinvented to compliment current fashion trends and of course the weather for each season.

Here are some highlights of Fall/Winter Bridal Collections from the most recent runway. The beautiful fashionable details seem to be adaptable to all silhouettes making these trends perfect for the fashion savvy bride with any body shape and bridal gown silhouette preference.


Popular trends in this season are:

Illusion mesh

  •  Illusion mesh is basically a very thin netted fabric, mostly in a nude color, meant to satisfy some more risky styles.
  • Illusion mesh has been used to create the open back look that remains just as popular as it was last season.
  • The great part about illusion mesh is that it deceives the eye. For example, when used on the back, the dress appears to be open back, yet there is a fabric holding the dress together.
  • This mesh is then ornamented with delicate embroideries making it look as if the designs are place directly on your back. The appearance is magnificent.
  • This mesh has also been featured on the runway as a way to keep strapless and more summery styles alive while being winter appropriate.
  • Long sleeves made of illusion mesh give you that extra layer to keep you warm, without compromising style.

Open Back


  • Open back anything has been popular for the past few seasons. In bridal, open back is highly requested by brides.
  • Not many brides are comfortable showing off their busts. After all, most ceremonies are in front of a religious leader.
  • Open back is the perfect way to achieve that sexy yet appropriate style all brides crave. Open back comes in many different ways.
  • The general idea is to obviously show off the back which can be done by having a deep “V”, a cowl neck back, a deep scoop back and, for those still wanting to keep covered, an illusion mesh back.
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