Possible wedding disasters (part 1)

By Jaclyn Ianetti

Before we get started, let’s look to the stars for a second…


Venus is the planet for love and harmony…and when Venus goes retrograde (moving backward), it can feel like anything BUT love.  When a planet goes retrograde, its’ powers dim down, and things under its’ ruler ship can go a little bit haywire.  So with our planetary peacekeeper taking a nap, it will be up to us scrappy humans to get along on our own.

Venus was actually retrograde this past wedding season/summer, from May 15 through June 27.  Venus goes retrograde every year and a half or so, and it’s typically known as a “blackout time” for weddings.  But seriously, with weddings being planned months (if not years) in advance, who can call off their nuptials just because of this temporary transit?  If you happen to be getting married during any Venus retrograde, just take some extra precautions: Seat those argumentative relatives across the ballroom from each other…Put a presumptuous maid of honor in her place, or she’s out of the party!…And if you’re having serious second thoughts about your betrothed-to-be, don’t “say yes to the dress” just because the flowers and cake have been ordered.

During Venus retrograde, we’ll see our share of breakups … and makeups.

Retrogrades also bring back the past, so you’re as likely to take a temporary time-out from someone as you are to hear from “the one who got away” and even to consider a reunion.  Relationships built on a shaky foundation will need to strengthen and fortify.  This wouldn’t be a bad time to call up a couples’ therapist, try a workshop, or just simply make the communication channels between you and your sweetheart extra clear so you know where you both stand with each other.

Have no fear, though!…With a conscious mind and a generous heart, anybody can offset the waves of discord during Venus retrograde.
Wedding Woes

Some of these may seem like itty-bitty problems, but we all know that one tiny little issue on the day of your wedding is the equivalent to being the biggest disaster EVER!!!!

Facial Flare

What can be worse than waking up with a pimple on your wedding day?  For any facial flare-ups, just ice it…and then leave it alone.  DO NOT pick or squeeze anything the day of the wedding.  This includes extractions.  Any doing of the previously mentioned will just make the problem area more inflamed, reddened , and harder to cover.  Apply a concealer with a green base to counterbalance the red in the pimple on top of foundation to the area and set with a powder for more staying power.  Keep your concealer on hand for touch-ups through out the day.

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Wedding gown for Capricorn (Dec 23– Jan 20) The Classic Charm

Personality:  Hello, Ms. Independent!  Capricorns are always steadfast and surefooted and prefer to “go it alone” because they rarely trust others to finish the project.  You really don’t wait around for anyone else to get the job done.  Capricorns live a driven and structured life, taking all responsibilities seriously.  Your sign rules the 10th house of authority and leadership, making you the zodiac’s very own first lady.  Everybody knows they can count on a Capricorn, as you earthy beings are great friends and business partners.

Style: Timeless ClassicBlazing Business Woman.  As corporate climbers, Capricorns have some serious style.  You’re drawn to gray and blacks, blazers and button downs.  A Capricorn talent is mixing business attire with unexpected items – plaid scarves, interesting necklaces, even a fedora, because you have the skill to turn the most basic staple (White House/Black Market/ J. Crew) into an American classic.  You stun in quality pieces that stand the test of time, so it’s better for you to avoid the latest fads.  Your only style alert? With your workaholic nature, it’s easy to label fashion as a luxury or indulgence.  Well, Ms. Ambitious, statistics show that it takes only three seconds for people to form a first impression of you.  Make your mark in stylish, simple clothes that can outlast a long workday but still take you behind the velvet ropes at a glamorous VIP event.

Your Dream Dress/ Wedding Dress HoroscopeCapricorns are typical Earth brides who are grounded in their roots.  They are perfectionists, who strive for a dignified, classic gown.  A structured bodice gown and perfectly cut silhouette will appeal to your elegant tastes and practical sensibilities.   A gown with three-fourth lace sleeves, a deep V-neck and full bottom are just a few of the aspects that make up the precious gown you aspire for.  Any additional pieces should be carefully considered.  Earth brides are very particular about what accents they choose to wear.  Pair your gown with a simple elbow or fingertip-length veil, a single strand of pearls, and some beautiful sling back shoes.  Or simply highlight your decolletage with an heirloom pendant and you’re ready to wed.  All Earth brides like a face that’s natural with a tiny touch of drama.  Splurge on a makeup artist and hair stylist to work your wishes for an authentic appeal that especially shows off your sound beauty of bone structure, skin, and teeth.

Style icon who shares your sign:  January Jones

Cappie seductresses: Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Mary J. Blige, Michelle Obama

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Photo credit to Mr. T in DC on Flickr.