Bachelorette Party Ideas

Here’s everything you need to know to throw your best friend the ultimate send-off to singlehood.

There are so many ways to have an unforgettable girls’ getaway. Plan a weekend away or stay local and plan an amazing night out on the town. But remember to do something which can make it memorable and most importantly, having as much fun as possible.

If you want to relax, look and feel refreshed, think about attending a spa and pampering yourself with spa services like massages and facials! Continue the spa-like feeling with goody bags for each party attendee filled with slippers, sleep masks, and nail files. Or why not hire a photographer to take gorgeous photos of all of you? Before the photographer arrives, hit up a salon for blowouts, give each other makeovers, and get dressed in your best outfit! Scout out a couple of fun locations and get a few fun props before the shoot so you get the most out of your time with the photographer.

No one said a bachelorette party has to be at night. If you’re more of a day-like person, meet at your favorite brunch place for good food, unlimited mimosas, and fun conversation. Call ahead to make a reservation for a large table or back area so you’re guaranteed to get in at a reasonable time! Don’t want to go out? Host brunch at your place! Make waffles, bacon, fruit salad, and have an omelette station set up. You girls can also put on your cutest bikinis, get some fun sunglasses, and party by the pool! Pick up some pool-friendly plastic cups or can coolers to fit your theme, and get ready to work on your tan. Don’t forget to take some time out of the day to jump in! One doesn’t also always have to have a destination. Have your party in a limo while it takes you where ever you’d like. Bring champagne and feel like a star as you drive around your town. I recommend going bar hopping or even driving through your favorite fast food joint!

Add a mimosa bar to your bachelorette party.:

Photo taken by Brit Morin, as seen on Pinterest

Think out of the box! Major cities and resort areas tend to be great for bachelorettes since they offer a wide array of activity options. Plan a destination bachelorette party.  Visit Nashville, Tennessee, for its awesome country music venues, delish Southern food (the area around Broadway, the main drag, has everything you could ever need); Austin, Texas, for its booming food cart scene, live music of every variety and close access to lakes and vineyards if you want to mix things up; and Charleston, South Carolina, for its picturesque beaches, gorgeous architecture and lively nightlife. If you want to keep the logistics to a minimum, consider booking an all-inclusive resort or a cruise, so you won’t have to worry about pricing out different restaurants and activities.

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Wedding Shoe Ideas You’ll Love

Still need to find your wedding shoes for your big day? Whether you plan to rock a pair of bedazzled stilettos or want to keep your look chic with fabulous flats, here you will be able to start getting inspired with some of our favorite styles!

1. Lace 

Feminine and flirty lace is the perfect finishing detail to a romantic bridal look. If you are looking for a more modernized shoe, try a pair of lace peep-toe heels or booties. Lace heels will go fantastic with any season your wedding happens to fall in.

2. Metallics 

Spice up your glam factor and sparkle with chic metallics. Gold and silver metallic heels are sleek and modern, while elevating your style. For the modern bride with a modern gown these shoes are more than ideal.

3. Something Different 

Play with unexpected color to show off your fun and vibrant side. Try bold mint or electric blue, this will make a statement and pop in your wedding photos! This shoe is perfect for an outdoor wedding preferably during the spring and summer.

4. Bedazzled 

 Looking for that extra wow factor? A little bit of bedazzle will go a long way. A pair of shimmering shoes polishes off an already glamorous gown. Bedazzled shoes will go best with that happily ever after castle venue where your wedding will be held.

5. Cutouts 

Forget glitter and lace- shoes with intricate cutouts, and textured designs will be sure to catch everyone’s eye! These shoes are excellent for a spring or summer wedding because of their breathable cutouts.

6. Fabulous Flats

You can still look gorgeous while wearing a pair of comfy flats. With a limitless selection from sleek, pointed toe, to crochet flats. Having amazing style does not have to come with pain. Finally, fabulous flats are amazing for the bride who is ready to dance the night away on her big day!

Reference:  Pictures credit to Paradox London

Shoes available for a purchase at Aleana’s Bridal. 

Bridesmaid Dress Color 2015 Trends

 Are you on a quest to find bridesmaid dresses? What if I told you that you came to the right place! We’ve put together a list of the trendiest colors to be worn that 2015 has to offer especially for the spring and summer.

 Your bridesmaids don’t have to look similar from every other wedding. In fact almost every bridesmaid has one huge fear, that she will be stuck wearing a hideous dress at her sister or best friend’s wedding! These unique and sophisticated colors will give your bridal party a fresh take and a glow of confidence. This color palette will be sure to make your bridesmaids stand out from every other bridal party.

 This first gorgeous color is blush. Such an elegant shade of pink it is soft and feminine and sometimes seen as lighthearted. This color will look great with ivory bouquets.


Our next color is Mint this is the perfect color choice to brighten up any wedding with its natural liveliness! This color dress will look great with ivory and peach colored accented bouquets.

 Right now Gray is one of the hottest colors for bridesmaid dresses. Gray in past years has been put on the back burner, but this color has been revived and it looks better than ever! Making sure that your bridal party doesn’t look faded, match up the dresses with a canary yellow bouquet.

Ready to welcome in spring with your fabulous wedding? Try a bold Turquoise bridesmaid dress for your bridal party and white stark bouquets with orange accents; these contrasting colors will really make these shades stand out. This mix of colors will leave an everlasting impression with its bright theme.

If you would like to take on a classic romance theme, champagne color bridesmaid dresses paired with classic ivory bouquets is your match. This spring and summer has plenty of pastel bridesmaid dresses so why not change it up? Whether you are tying the knot in an indoor celebration or a gorgeous outside celebration champagne color will work well with both settings.


Bridesmaids: Getting-Ready Outfit Ideas For Your Bridal Party

The morning of your wedding should not only be special for the bride, it should be special for the bridesmaids as well. When getting ready for this magical day having your bridal party feel comfortable and gorgeous while getting their hair and make-up done is one of the key things on setting the perfect energy! Mimosas will be flowing and the girls that have always been by your side will be apart of these unique and exciting moments leading up to you walking down the aisle. So ditch the typical matching jumpsuits and discover all new ways to style your bridesmaids.

 1. Matching Robes 

 Photo by: N. Barrett Photography

Robes are not only super comfy but when taken off they won’t mess up your bridal hair. Want to make these robes more personal? Try getting them custom made with your bridesmaids initials. A robe is one of the best gifts you can give not only to yourself but your bridal party, after your wedding this robe will be sure to be worn again!

2. Rompers

  Photo by: Wedding Chicks

If you’re looking to be unique and for something different rompers are your match! Rompers are comfortable and cool which will be great if you have a spring or summer wedding. They can slip off easily when its time to get into your beautiful gown and when your bridal party changes into their dresses.

3. Monogrammed Button Down Shirts 

Photo by: Style Me Pretty 

This look is definitely a growing trend we are seeing amongst bridal parties. Monogrammed button downs are effortlessly casual. Plus this will be the first time you are showing off your new initials in style, and not to mention your bridal party will love the fact that they get to have their initials monogrammed as well.

4. Spelling It Out Tank-Top   

Photo by: Studio 1208

Your bridesmaids will remember which part they played in your wedding, but spelling out their duties on a super cute tank is a new and fun way to style your bridal party. Also, getting a tank top for yourself that says “bride” will remind everyone that you are the star of the day!

5. Southern- Inspired Flannels 

 Photo by: Katelyn James

These Southern-Inspired Flannels are perfect for a crisp fall wedding. They are totally affordable and easy to get out of. Flannels come in many different colors and can be worn with comfy leggings or jeans.

6. Floral Robes

Photo by: Millie Holloman Photography

There’s no doubt that these floral robes are a total standout. Girly and certainly radiant, these robes will make for beautiful getting ready pictures.

Bridal Gown Spotlight (Part 2)

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If you like the idea of the traditional, plain white dress, you can always add in some color to the details.  There is nothing wrong with replacing some of your dress’ accents with color.

* If your dress has large white flowers, get them replaced with colorful posies.

 * Add a colorful sash.  You could coordinate this with the colors of your bridesmaid dresses.


* Get the bottom of your dress dyed: If your dress is not too ornate, it might really spice things up if the bottom of it is a light blue or pale pink.  Hire a professional to do this for you, as attempts of doing it yourself can lead to a dress disaster.


If you like the idea of a plain wedding dress but would like to add a little more detail, then consider covered buttons or ribbon lacing to the back. Many dress designers offer a choice of closure to their dresses so you can change a plain zipper to pretty covered buttons or sexy corset style lacing. Adding covered buttons is also something you can do yourself very easily and they can turn a plain dress into something unique and very classic looking.


*Shorten your dress. Everyone will expect you to wear a long dress, so there is no harm in turning heads in a short little number!

*Beading is always an easy way to make a plain dress look fabulous. Coordinate the beads on your dress with those in your other wedding accessories, so if your hair accessories include pearls and crystals then use those on your dress.  A simple option is to slip stitch beads around the neckline of your dress, but if you want to do something more fancy, then plan your design on a piece of graph paper first and place the beads on your dress without sewing them so you can see how they will look.  Once you are happy you can proceed to attach them yourself or have a professional do it for you.  
*Lace : Adding a touch of lace goes a long way to creating that bridal look. A nice touch is to add a band of lace to the hem of your skirt which will just peep out on the tops of your toes.  Another idea is to wear a lace edged petticoat underneath, which is slightly longer.  This works nicely for full skirted dresses and when you sit down, it will peep out from under your skirt for a very pretty bridal look.

Tip: If your dress has ribbon lacing ask for different colored ribbons or change them yourself.  Or use colored versions of the ideas listed above such as colored beads or appliqués.  A colored lace petticoat is a great way of adding interest to your dress without it being too obvious.
*Dainty Detailing: These can be beaded, sequined, lace or combination and are very easy to sew onto your dress.  You can find them in various sizes and matching colors, including full bodice pieces, sleeve appliqués and larger versions to apply to trains.

Look around sewing shops and online for bridal boutiques where you can make a special request to place your unique order. 

– – Hire a costume designer to “build on” your dress.  A professional can look at a piece and know exactly what to do to make it unique.  Adding an accented line down your dress, or delicately placing jewels in designated places can all add a unique feel to your dress.


* Instead of plain white pumps, wear colorful & funky shoes.  OR have a little sparkle or color sticking out the bottom of your dress.

*Customize simple satin pumps with shoe jewelry such as rhinestone ribbons. 

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Wedding “Wow“ Him (Part 3)

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Since food is the way to a mans heart, why not include some of his favorite munchies at the wedding?  If he’s a guy who loves his snacks, and hamburgers & hotdogs are his type of thing, add them in for cocktail hour.  If you have foods like this during cocktail hour, be sure your reception menu is a bit more “upscale.”  If he’s a big breakfast guy, have a midnight lounge and serve breakfast specialties such as mini pancakes and waffles with decorative fruit on top.  If sweets are what makes your man’s eyes light up, do add a dessert with all of his favorite treats…donuts, pastries, etc.

Take a bridal BOW to the WOW you created.

Not only are all the previous ideas, or any of which you creatively come up with on your own, adorable… but he’ll never expect it which is bonus points!

Seating charts, guest favors, and cake flavors are always on a bride’s radar…but these romantic and personal surprises will leave your groom smiling just that much more and kindly remind him that this day is about the two of you, and not those crazy rants about wedding planning or bridezilla moments over which trendy hue you should pick.

 RECAP besides your outer, newer bridal beauty glow, be sure to let your inner bridal beauty shine and surprise him with something sweet.  Glowing from the inside will have you in an everlasting glow on the outside.  All of which makes you simply adorable, and it will remind him how you have truly stolen his heart right from the start…which led to your shared happily ever after

and now you can be a WOW kind of WIFE One who keeps the glow, memories, and emotions of the wedding day alive with the two of you.

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Best Couple Activities (Part 4)

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* Go to the beach and build a sand castle.  Bring a spade, shovel, & pale for the sand.

* Locate volunteer work you can do together and just go do it.  You both will be rewarded with an inner peace afterwards.

* Return together at the site of where you first met or where you spent time together early in your relationship.  Talk about your memories and then repeat something you did then.

* Do some research and compile your family trees.  Share with each other what you found, what it was like to compile, and how you feel.  Tell about any new information you learned about your family.

* Take a class, workshop, lecture… about something neither knows anything about.  You can even pretend you don’t know each other during the class, gradually getting acquainted through out the length of the class.  Go out on dates after class and make what you learned the your topic of discussion.

* Make a fire in an outdoor fire pit somewhere and make s’mores and roast some marshmallows.

Poetic Souls…Buy a book of poetry and read to each other every day at breakfast.  Buy a novel you both want to read and take turns reading it aloud at night before bed.

*Hooked on each other?…play hooky.  Every so often, tell your boss you have a doctor’s appointment, and have your husband do the same.  Share a lazy day in together or go out and do whatever you both feel like doing.  Put choices in a hat and take a pick…the winner calls the shot on what you have in mind and what you will be doing for the rest of the evening.

 Mark the moment.  Special occasions and spontaneous activities are sometimes a rare event.  Expand on the idea with a game: Every time you have a married “first”…file a joint tax return, country traveled to, paint the bathroom…celebrate by doing something fun together that you both love.  This two time activity deal will keep you racking up more and more activities throughout your union, soon you’ll really feel like newlyweds for life.

Photo taken from Flickr.

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Best Couple Activities (Part 3)

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal Shop, Bergen County NJ.

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COMEDY CLUB Laughter is the best medicine


If you don’t have a whole weekend to spare, you can surprise your partner with tickets to a comedy club.  There is nothing better than a night of laughs at a comedy show for couples.  Be spontaneous on a week-night to break up the mundane feel of the work-week when your lover least expects it and go see some standup.

This is a great way for couples to share time watching a more interactive type of entertainment than a movie or the theater.  Make sure to get seats in the front row for the interaction to unfold, because the comedians are sure to include you in at least some part of their act.  This creates fun memories to laugh about for years.


Treat yourselves & go to spa & get a couples massage.  Or, if you’re short on funds, you can be still massage each other in the comfort of your own home for free.  Rather than watching the same old show on television after the same routine at work, mix it up with your partner and show him your romantic side by offering an oil rubdown.

This sensual gesture will not only put your partner in a state of relaxation, it’s also a great way to express your love.  You do not have to go out and buy any overpriced oils and lotions.  A wonderful, and much healthier, alternative is grape seed oil, or coconut oil, which is also a great moisturizer for the skin. 

To add a little spice to the massage, throw some rose petals on the bed before your partner is home and have the room lit with only candles.  A surprise massage can heighten many levels of your relationship and doesn’t have to cost you a penny.  A massage is a creative, sensual, and sure way of maintaining closeness, that can result in not only relaxation, but a keener sense of intimacy.

Take turns giving each other a face massage, as well… with each person receiving by lying down on the bed or floor.



Draw up your dreams. 

Color & draw together your dream mansion, book cover, music album cover, etc.

Trace Together…Get some large paper and crayons…take turns drawing around each others hands and feet on the paper.

Close “no clothes” Coloring…Buy body paint and take your clothes off to paint each other’s bodies.  Or just face paint.   

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Best Couple Activities (Part 1)

This article brought to you by Aleana’s Bridal Shop, Bergen County NJ.

By Jaclyn Ianetti

Couple Chemistry

Cook up the chem between the two of you and keep your electric energy as a power couple pulsing.

Men connect with women when they are physically active in doing something together.  And besides the thing you’re thinking right now (get your mind out of the gutter), there are soo many more ways to bond by keeping busy and active.  Men love activities, and will instinctively feel more connected with you when engaged in an activity together. 

Keep things alive and exciting by mixing it up and breaking out of your molds into experiencing diversity in doing things you may never have even tried before. 

Speaking of cooking up some chemistry…As you flip through your latest Cosmo, (or for the health-conscious girl, Yoga Journal and/or Natural Health Magazine) on the couch at night…cut out some recipes or jot down some recipe-savvy ideas so that you and him could create a new dish together.  Cooking is an extra-sensory experience where all of your five senses are simultaneously engaged. 



Put baskets on your bicycles and do your grocery shopping by cycling together to the food store of your choice.  Refer to the recipes you wish to make and stock up on all ingredients needed.

Cooking can take you many places

*Get fresh ingredients and make smoothies and juices you can make in the morning together.  Better yet, plant your own organic fruit & veggie garden together and pick your daily dose of nutrient-rich foods whenever you feel like it. 

*Make a lunch and head out for a picnic for two. 

*Candlelit dinner at home…yogi-bohemian style on the floor next to fireplace, or fancy with 5 course meal on the dining room table. 


Join a gym, do at-home exercises, or go mountain-climbing.  Trail through a beautiful reservation in an upscale town.  Whether you’re walking, running, hiking, cycling…you’ll be connecting as a couple through nature and its’ scenery of wonder.

Eat some suggestive snacks.  Munch on aphrodisiacs during your drive home post-workout.  Portable foods reputed to get you in the mood include almonds, peaches, and ginger (if you don’t like raw ginger, try it candied).

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Photo credit to mrlerones-photostream on Flickr.

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