Petite Wedding Dresses

Much like shopping for a plus size wedding gown, finding a dress for a petite frame can be quite the task. The sample sizes are probably too long and might look too large on your petite body. Again, your salon, like Aleana’s Bridal, and your consultant, should do their best to give you the greatest shopping experience possible. The consultants should clip and tuck and hold the dress in all of the right spots to give you the best visual possible. You need to be able to picture yourself in the dress before you make that purchase, and that is what your consultant is there to help you with. It’s not easy to imagine the dress on you if it’s too big in certain areas, or too tight and pulling in other areas. Talk with your consultant and let them know what you like and what you don’t like. Let them move things around and adjust to get you that almost perfect visual. 

Here are some silhouettes that will look great on petite brides.  

A ball gown is flattering on nearly everyone because it accentuates the waist and then flares out. If you’re afraid it might look like the gown is too much on your petite body, remember that the ball gown doesn’t have to be gigantic. You can also always remove layers to lessen the poof and elongate your figure rather than taking over it.  



A-line is similar to ball gowns in that they elongate your figure without all of the layers. Try a dress with a waistline just a little bit above your natural waistline. This will make you appear taller and more elegant. 


Sottero and Midgely

Sheath dresses are more fitted to your body, so they’ll make you appear longer and slimmer. These gowns are also great if you want to really show off your curves.  

Rebecca Ingram

Rebecca Ingram

Mermaid gowns look great on almost everyone. They hug your curves in all the right places and make you look nice and tall.  



Just remember that once you do make that purchase and you finally get the dress, it will be in your size. It might still be a bit too big and long, but once the seamstress gets her hands on it, it will be tailored perfectly to your petite frame. Don’t ever get discouraged and make sure to share all of your concerns with your seamstress and consultant. They all want to make sure you get the dress of your dreams. 

All of these styles, and so much more, are available at Aleana’s Bridal!

Furry Friends at your Wedding

If you love animals, then incorporating one at your wedding is a must. Maybe it’s your dog, maybe it’s your cat, or maybe it’s just your favorite animal. There are many ways to include your furry best friends without having it be over the top. Not only will your guests love seeing those cute faces, but it will make for some of the cutest photos ever.  

Hoffer Photography

The longhorn almost stole the show in this photo, but the bride and groom in the back are the true stars of the show. It’s a unique photo that not many others would be able to capture, and it will be one you’ll talk about for years to come.  

Tracey Buyce Photography

This photo definitely didn’t go as expected, but it made for one that the couple will laugh about all of the time. It was taken at their family farm, so their love for animals will be with them forever.  

A furry best friend is always a great addition to a wedding party. They can be your best man, maid of honor, ring bearer, or walk you down the aisle. Pets are a part of the family, and on your wedding day, you want the whole family to be there. So, make sure to include your furry best friend in any way you can, even if it’s just a photoshoot!  

Pets are as much a part of the family as children, siblings, or parents. They show us unconditional love and deserve to be a part of the biggest moments of our lives, in any way possible.

Featured image by Peter Pham.