Tips a “Pear Shape” (spoon) or “Rectangle” Shaped body

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If you’re a “Pear Shape” (spoon)

Wider hips and buttocks with slim shoulders and bust sound familiar?  You tend to carry extra weight in the hips, so you should go for a gown that does not put emphasis on the hips.  You want to play up your feminine waist and shoulders more so than your heavier bottom.

 Your dress selection: Tips for a “Rectangle Shape” ( Athletic types )

*Dresses that float away from the hips, rather than cling

*Sturdier fabrics, such as satin and taffeta, which also won’t cling

*Spaghetti-straps or V-necklines (showcases a slender upper body)

*Bust out your bust!  Bring more attention to your bust with exaggerated details

*Ball gowns with flat front styles (draw attention to a small waist)

*Boat neck or scoop styles, cap sleeves, and off the shoulder styles are all options that can create balance by broadening the shoulders

# 1 TIP: Stick with silhouettes that highlight the narrowness of the midsection.

Tips for a “Rectangle Shape” ( Athletic types )

If you have a “Rectangle Shape” ( Athletic types )

You are the woman who is thin, athletic, and has fewer curves.  In choosing a wedding dress, you want to create the look of a defined waist so that you will appear curvier.  Look for dresses that draw in and highlight the waist.

 Dresses to consider:

*Ball gowns with cinched waists

*Empire waists

*Modified “A” lines

*Corsets or embellishments on the bust to create the illusion of a larger bust

*Ruche styled dresses

*Ruffles along the body

*Soft-sheath styles

# 1 TIP: You want a wedding dress that will softly skim the body for soft curves, while showing off your slender figure.

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